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A mini poem I made a while ago, speaks deep about some "stuff" I've been through, but I'm all dope now and it's all good, enjoy.


This is the story, of a guy and his dreams It's complicated, hard, not easy as it seems

The guy was passionate, with hopes like gleams His kindness is like a river, that flows with streams

That tale is far long, with a road full of holes Heart very warm and soft, he has a pure soul

Young boy was ambitious, setting his goals Until one night, it went blacker than coal

Kid fell in love with a girl, she was what he seek Devotion was too much, his mind could not speak

The days that passed, he counted them like streaks She was his top 1, his everything, nothing else could peak

Until the day had come, and fate split them apart Shattered and broken, that was the state of his heart

Loneliness and anxiety, had become his new art The seed of depression, had hit him like a dart

Why did this happen? he wondered and asked The boy was haunted, by his sad little past

He asked life and wondered, how long could he last Living life like that, he wished to die fast

Wondered when this will stop, he sat under a tree Thought about the future, scared he could only be

She's lucid in his mind, her stings are like a bee Little do you know, that person was "Me"

The End

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