Midnight Waltz
Midnight Waltz sad stories

2plover The world I make is greater than me.
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A night meant to be remembered in happiness and laughter... Yet now it burns harsh forever.

(Written as a prompt from a friend.)

Midnight Waltz

123.. 123...

I loved the way we used to move to the sound of the music, your hand warm in mine as you lead me across the dance floor. Your laugh soft and rumbling as you watched my face flush red as it all finally clicked in. This was our night… The night we swore ourselves to each other.

123... 12...3

I remember the day I had to call you to come and pick me up when I was drunk off my ass. You’d sighed, and I was convinced you were going to yell at me, or at least tell me how stupid I could be… Yet you were proud that I called you instead of driving home on my own, hugging me briefly and placing feather soft lips to mine.

123... 1...2...

The glare of the tuck lights before the world blew up in a shower of noise and broken shards will forever be seared into my mind. Both our screams loud in my ears as the car rolled, the roof crunching down and the dash suddenly jumping forward. My hands gripping at the seat as everything finally went dark.

12…3… 1…

My eyes fluttering open and waking not long after to everything bathed in fire, the sound of sirens ringing in my ears and the flashing lights of a police cruiser nearby. I turned to you then, resisting every urge to scream in agony as I looked into the sky blue I loved so much. Your eyes stared into mine as a weak smile appeared on your crimson lips before it disappeared and your head lolled to your chest.

1... 2... 3...

I remember sitting beside you, watching your chest rise and fall, my hand clasping yours tightly as your breath caught in your throat before the heart monitor flat lined. I called for you then, knowing that something wasn’t right. You should’ve been fine. The doctors came, and I was rushed out in tears as they worked to bring you back... I remember a doctor walking up to me, a glint of pity in his eyes...


Now I stand before the stone that truly is all I have left to visit you. A bouquet of carnations and pink roses display my silent plea for you to hear me. The ring on my finger almost burns as I find myself wishing I could dance with you one last time. The memories pain me greatly, this day will always haunt me… I still wish you’d pull me close once again and whisper one last time, "I love you".

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