I never realized what it meant to have people who cared…
I never realized what it meant to have people who cared…
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2plover The world I make is greater than me.
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They finally realised that they were needed... But it was already too late.

I never realized what it meant to have people who cared…

I never knew what others loving me without reason felt like…

Not until I saw them there; all staring at me with eyes that screamed for me to stay, voices drowned out in the din of my own beating heart. Oh how silly they all were to ask something so painful for me. How selfish could they be?

It didn’t even truly matter. I was already falling. Gravity had its cruel hands grasped around my frail body, ready to dash and shatter me across the ground below. Even their desperate reach couldn’t halt my decent, too far below their puny reaches. Did they really believe they could fight fate?

Yet seeing such utter horror at my soon to be end sent a needle of agonizing heat through my hollow chest, piercing the frozen shell I had built around my core. The wasteland that was my soul caught alight, a single spark enough to engulf me in an inferno of regret.

These people care for me. They want me to stay and be apart of their lives; yet here I am hurting them all over again, gun cocked and ready to shatter the happiness I had festered in them. The impact the twitch that would pull the trigger.

I really am a monster, worse than any murderer could be, as I was the betrayer of their love, of their trust.

I am a fool...

I am a traitor...

I am a failure...


Although, I suppose there is one saving grace for me, even as the never ending darkness swam over me, freezing the blood in my veins and clouding my eyes.

At least I finally knew, in those final moments, that I was loved…

Even if it was too late to let them know I wanted to stay…

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