2am in an ugly hotel

2am in an ugly hotel

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written about my stay at the Irish Village on January 29-30th, 2018

2am in an ugly hotel

12:50am is when we left we certainly spent enough time getting ready an adventure, it was! into the harshly lit hallways of a two-story hotel

the only proof that we weren’t the only ones on earth awake was the twenty-something people drunk out of their minds they left their room door open and let their slurred laughter warm the corridor it was only right to join them

we took every staircase in every hall opened doors that should’ve been locked and felt adrenaline rush as the temperature dropped

murals caught our attention and sparked out appreciation detailed just enough to understand

at maybe 2am we made our way to the arcade (taking the longest way possible. the scenic route, if you will)

put $20 in and tried to muffle the noise of the tokens clacking i closed the door, but it probably didn’t make it any less quiet rigged machines pissed us off, but in a joke kind of way we made good fun out of it

left with stuffed animals falling from our arms around 2:22am a little bit louder than we were before

before or after our arcade journey, i can’t remember we slipped down the poorly painted walls talked, knees to our chest, about memories and fear of the future

i stayed quiet, i had nothing to say. but i listened and i felt my belonging i was there and i was wanted

during the discussion i realised, thought to myself, that walking around in an ugly hotel at 2am had checked off a box on a bucket list i didn’t know was there

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