Hyungs Pet
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245_arini Just a old adult life
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'Namjoon he will be alright'
said jin as they were leaving you at their best friends house where your two hyungs or should i say crushes live .

Hyungs Pet

This is a little a glimpse on waht ia m working on hope you like it

No ones POV Jin: You have to be a good boy okay , don't trouble your hyungs and don't be a brat. Y/N: Okay mom no need to worry i will be a good boy Namjoon: Okay we are here. Y/N: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Jin: BEHAVE!!!!!!!!

Y/N gets out the carwithher two parents following her. Um lets do a introduction

Kim Y/N Parents: 2 Single/ taken: Single Sexuality: Gay Y/N is a boy with two crushes TWO CRUSHES!!! Y/N: You don't have to be that dramatic.

Jin: I will do my introduction myself Me: BUT- Jin: No buts Me: Fine

Jin: Hi my name is Kim Seokjin and i have a loving husband called Namjoon from whom i am more handsome and do you know- Me: INTRODUCTION JIN!!! Jin: SORRY bye people

Hoseok: HI jin and namjoon and hi Y/N Y/N: Hi uncles Suga: Lets go shall we, and both of you behave. taekook: yes dad As soon as Y/N as heard those voice she smiled brightly and turned around to see both of her hyungs.

Taehyung: HI Y/N Y/N: Hi hyung Jungkook: You forgot me 😢 Y/N: Sorry hyung Everyone [exept Y/N, Tae and jungkook: Okay we are leaving all of you behave Taekook and : Okie dokie

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