Erudite Born AU Pt.3
Erudite Born AU Pt.3 insurgent stories

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Erudite Born Pt.3||Join Sabrina on her journey to Dauntless as she finds out who she is. And will there be romance with a certain Dauntless reader? Keep reading to find out!

Erudite Born AU Pt.3

Erudite Born AU Pt.3

I was chosen to be on Eric's list, but I was the only Erudite-born that he picked. Most of the others were either Dauntless or Abnegation.

I keep punching the bag in front of me, I thought I was doing pretty well, but all of the Dauntless-born would roll their eyes, which kind of made me mad.

Every time I would see one of them roll there eyes, I would just punch harder, and before long my knuckles would bleed.

I knew I was going to get an infection, but I'm not going to become factionless, that was out of the question.

A gasp of surprise escapes my lips when I hear a voice right behind me.

"Initiate, take a break, your knuckles are bleeding," his voice rumbles from behind me, and I turn around with an eyebrow raised,

"Oh, they are?" I act surprised, "You honestly think I didn't notice? I'm not going to be factionless, so, therefore, I'm good."

"Did you just backtalk me, initiate?" He questions and I act tough, but at the same time, this is a Dauntless leader. I could be kicked out.

"Yes, I did, why do you ask? Also, my name isn't 'initiate' it's Sabrina," I retort, and a ghost of a smile is on his face, but before I can really notice his ice-cold exterior comes back.

"Take this as a warning, next time I won't be as nice, Erudite," he says coldly before walking off and I roll my eyes.

I realize people are staring and I look at them all and raise my eyebrows.

"What are you looking at? Hm?"

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