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20jmayne i rite only sometime though
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silver slate charcoal smoky gunmetal pallid nondescript colorless dismal

references poems by Emily Dickinson and Henery Wadsworth Longfellow


Those mountains a mural in the bedroom required no artistic talent whatsoever simple soothing gentle osmosis of paint imperfect but complete all the same

Lamp strangely wrapped underneath that plastic the christmas tree used for multitudinous late night escapes to worlds that weren't mine used desperate as i frantically scrawled on that battered journal after awakening from a dream, asleep or otherwise

Baking sheet edges softly dented holding down the broken mixer flinching at jarring beps from the oven butter flour sugar eggs vanilla salt baking powder wrestling over who licks the spoon definition of homey

Feathers backyard probably just belonged to seagulls cutting the ends to make attempted quills, pretending we were at hogwarts in a memory box hope is a thing with feathers freedom

Great grandmother radiates fragility easily broken like glass torn like paper but words hold none of the visible delicateness she was an illusion and i loved her for it her perfect independence

Cat scourge of racoons a mangey thing scrappy and scarred but a lover drawn to everyone he came across but i was his favorite coming to me when weeding the garden running inside when the door was left open

My ocean reflecting the clouds which was dark consistent aquatic storm biting and cold familiar the tide rises, the tide falls and i'm the traveler my footprints are eradicated with the rest of me

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