Top Entertainment and Movie Blogs of 2017
Top Entertainment and Movie Blogs of 2017 year in review stories

2017 A Year In Review. Featuring the Best
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These blogs were reviewed by a small team of active bloggers who have all grown large websites.

We were blown away by the quality. We reviewed close to 500 blogs and chose these as our top winners!
1. https://www.flickeringmyt...
4. http://www.largeassmovieb...
6. http://battleroyalewithch...
7. http://www.themoviewaffle...
8. http://www.apotpourriofve...
9. http://moviessansfrontier...
10. http://www.hollywoodintot...
11. https://letsgotothemovies...
13. http://pfangirl.blogspot....

Top Entertainment and Movie Blogs of 2017

Check the description to see the links to all the amazing blogs! We reviewed nearly 500 blogs and settled on the best ones!

1. Flickering Myth

This blog covers a little bit of everything from TV to blockbusters to independent films to comic books and collectibles. With a super high posting frequency, chances are you'll find everything you love about movies and film right here!

2. Film Threat

This blog has so much amazing content and a really fresh look. Tons of great reviews, interviews, and news here. We really enjoyed their podcast as well. If you love film, you won't want to miss this site.

3. Shock Ya!

The movie reviews are super on point and cover many genres and styles. The interviews are quite amazing as well. The frequency of reviews and posts is very impressive as well.

4. The LAMB

This blog does reader interactions really well. You can submit posts, vote for movies, and more! LAMB has a number of amazing blog events happening as well as useful posts.

5. MCU Exchange

As the name suggests, this blog focuses on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It does an amazing job covering everything around the MCU from actors to movies. If you love Marvel (who doesn't?), then you'll love this blog.

6. battleroyalewithcheese

From interviews to reviews to full profiles to news, BRWC has it all! The content here is very unique and fun (fits their fun name very well).

7. The Movie Waffler

The high frequency of reviews and news is really impressive and a very impressive variety. The blog covers all the popular movies but also a lot of hidden gems.

8. A Potpourri of Vestiges

A fantastic and very active blog focused on Indian Independent Cinema. The reviews are in depth and features amazing content on a well designed blog. If you love Indian Independent Cinema, this is the perfect blog.

9. Movies that make you think

The analyses and descriptions on this blog are extremely in-depth. We did not find another blog that dives into each film in such detail. Each post is filled with screenshots, examples, and critique.

10. Hollywood in Toto

This is a well-done blog that shares a right-of-center perspective on news and movies. The stories are well written and filled with juicy information. Some posts are a little political, so keep that in mind.

11. Let's Go To The Movies

The reviews here are very unique, from older films to musicals to theatre. You'll find amazing reviews, fun lists, and more. The quality here is really amazing!

12. Live For Films

A very active blog filled with great content. You won't just find blockbuster movies here. You'll find all types of films, classics, comics, video games and more!

13. PFanGirl Through The Looking Gas

Great analysis of various movies and pop culture. The posting schedule isn't as active as some of the other blogs, but the content is great.

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