Top Author Websites of 2017
Top Author Websites of 2017 stories

2017 A Year In Review. Featuring the Best
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After reviewing a couple of thousand author pages, here are some of our favorites that we wanted to honor from The Writer Awards team.

These sites aren't in any particular order, but overall sites we were impressed with. The links are here:

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Top Author Websites of 2017

Thank you to everybody who emailed in your author website nominations!

After reviewing a couple of thousand author pages, here are some of our favorites that we wanted to honor from The Writer Awards team.

These sites aren't in any particular order, but overall sites we were impressed with. You can find links to all of these sites in the description below.

1. Beautiful web design and frequent blog updates to share advice to writers. Awesome!

2. A cute puppy on the home page always helps! Very simple site that gets the job done. Great visuals and nice inspirational quote!

3. The flashes of lightning are really cool. One of the most unique author sites I've ever seen. The black + lightning + red text fits perfectly.

4. Some seriously amazing author interviews here. The blogger is super talented with asking great questions.

5. Interesting romance blog posts and announcements from award-winning romance authors.

6. Simple and beautiful website filled with goodies. Enjoy blog posts and a free ebook!

7. Fun looking and colorful site to promote a book. Great ways to engage with the writers and learn more about this interesting and unique book.

8. Extremely well designed site. All the important things in the site jump out (books, about, social media, newsletter, reviews)

9. Very simple and elegant site. Captures the paranormal nature of the writer very well. Lots of giveaways on the site too.

10. An incredibly on-brand site for this award winning author! Incredible use of fonts and background visuals. Love the tagline on the site as well.

11. Great site with up to date blog posts. Love the "coming soon" area and book trailer on the site.

12. One off the most gorgeous author sites. The paranormal background with slight animation is incredible. The overall animations on the site are nice. Subtle and beautiful.

13. A nice and simple author site that gets straight to the point. It's easy to browse the blog, books, and more. The author makes it easy to reach out and connect as well.

14. Very frequently updated and well-maintained blog. All sorts of interesting thoughts shared here in addition to details about the author and her books.

15. Very simple site that gets the job done. Amazing mission, talks, and more about faith, parenting, disabilities, and more.

16. A plain site is often the best site. Very simple and easy to navigate site. It's got some "Literary Selfies" too!

17. Warning, mature content ahead. If you're over 18 though, there is some pretty interesting stuff here.

18. Another simple author page that is rich with information. Filled with details about the author, books, and awards.

19. Fun blog posts and interests, free stories and more. "Viewing World Through A Different Vision" indeed!

20. Lots of short works and free reads! A lot of really amazing blog posts here as well.

21. An interesting site of writing and content around the psychic medium. Interesting blog posts on the topic too.

22. The site is a perfect blend of colors/visuals and cleanliness. The site is super clean and filled with great content.

23. Nice, simple, flowery, pink site! Simple and easy to find everything you need from short stories to awards to books!

24. Extremely easy to navigate site with a nice bio and book list. Gets to the point quickly.

25. Nice site that lays out all the books and descriptions right on the home page itself. From credentials to the book details, it's a page built for persuasion.

26. Another site that could win a design award. Gorgeously designed banner and perfect styling for the horror genre. Features amazing stories on the site as well

27. A simple site that gets the job done. Nice photos, simple bio, list of books!

28. Loved the simple and light colors. The rotating banner image is a nice touch. Very easy to navigate.

29. The font used for the author's name and the 2 swords (and word play in the tagline) are extremely creative. Adds a lot of personality to the site!

30. The color scheme is unique and nice. Charcoal background, orange, blue, and white text. The font and colors really fit the feel of the content and books.

31. Another simple site that is very easy to navigate. The site puts the author's credentials (awards, testimonials, and more) front and center to add credibility.

32. Clever format for the site: starting with questions and offering some free reading right at the top of the site. Very simple and to the point.

33. This site has everything you want on a first glance. Beautiful header image, nice author picture, beautiful book cover, email list form, and more!

34. A really clean and good looking site. Simple bio and image at the top followed by all the books below. Gets the job done nicely.

35. Features a nice monthly newsletter, book list, and free reads, all in a simple and easy to use site.

36. Very consistent blog posts, all with interesting spins and ideas. You'll find interesting books, images, ideas, and more!

37. This is more of a business style site, but it is very unique in that way. Offers a promotional video, list of books, and ideas for promoting books.

38. Really clean and easy to navigate site. Simple is often the best! Find free books, designs, and frequent blog posts!

39. Nice rotating list of books at the top! Love the author photo and bio right below as well!

40. You can instantly tell that the creator is also a designer. The illustrations are incredible and give a strong feel for the type of children's books to expect on this site.

41. Super simple site with a nice author image and some basic details. Includes and active blog as well as a testimonials page!

42. Love the frequently updated blog and impressive categorization from podcasts to freebies to artwork.

43. This website displays the author's works front and center with exciting teasers. You'll also find some free reads on the site!

44. Uses the 3 column layout nicely to share the author bio, book details, and useful links. Lots of information shared here!

45. Nice big font that's very easy to read. Great content on the homepage including awards, testimonials, and book covers.

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