The Spotlight. - Xena
The Spotlight.

                                    - Xena

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1runx3na Darkness is Divine.
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An ode to my Social Anxiety.

The Spotlight. - Xena

Oh! Those formidable out staring eyes!

Glimpsing deep into my conscience for the sins,

I'm put on a stage to perform the utopian act.

I dread that I'll drown in the ocean of scrutiny!

They sneered and nudged at my foibles,

shattering my ticker with their each whisper,

smothering in the depths of stupendous angst.

My bowed head lacked esteem but agony!

Darkest hands of despair reached out of the soil,

craving to sprint, the surmising gazes had me not!

I discern the distant tittering of mockery with angst,

Oh! I cursed me for the grotesque critter I am.

I implored the darkness to pack my eyes and soul,

I stood there hoping this to be the devilish delusion.

With pronounced poignant, I endeavored the spotlight,

wavering feet; sweaty palms; occluded psych; I move on.

Every stride along the path drained my life and breath.

Bleak the path was yet the damned stage followed,

I let the night fall on me, to kiss the darkness.

At the hour my youth died, I succumbed to love for night.

This soul, It sings louder than the rest of the world.

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