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As usual Monday Starts, Boys woke up late.

Nicholas Noach

As usual Monday Starts,

Boys woke up late.

Vian is in the kitchen making Breakfast for them.

Oscar is reading newspaper in the living room.

Ron comes to Oscar and Asks about Gary’s old Bicycle.

Oscar Calls Gary and tells him to help his brother

To carry out and clean up the bicycle.

Then Boys go in the Garage,

While picking up the bicycle,

Ron Sees the wing of the old Model-Plane,

Coming out of the box on the Upper side of Cupboard.

Ron insists for plane and Gary Brings Box Down,

The Plane is in Good Condition.

Gary Search the box for its Remote Control.

And he sees the Picture of Two Scientists Standing together,

In the lobby, with Braidge Tech Sign Behind Them.

Ron is Happy Seeing his new Model Plane.

But, Gary gets Confused about why they have a picture of

Possibly Braidge Technology Scientists.

Then he looks Closely in the Picture,

He finds one scientist badge names, Nicholas Noach.

Gary Runs to Oscar and asks about the Picture.

Still, Ron is busy with his model Plane.

Oscar Tells Them,

That the Nicholas Noach is Their GrandFather,

And the Other Man is Asai Okada.

Together Asai and Nicholas found the Braidge Technology

Used Today.

They were Co-founders of Braidge Technologies,

And They are Missing from Before invasion Started.

Then Oscar goes to his Room and brings the picture of,

Their Grandmother Laura Noach.

Oscar tells them,

Their GrandMother left that All behind and

Came Here to Start New, when he Was little.

Oscar tells Gary that,

Gary is Just like his grandfather a Tech-Lover.

Then Gary asks more about the two founders,

Asai and Nicholas.

Oscar tells him,

Nicholas was a Biologist and Asai was a Computer Scientist.

They came together with the idea and Created braide technology.

They were Best Friends and also gave Foundation for,

The upcoming generation of Scientists.

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