Life Goes On !
Life Goes On ! stories
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1handymandy Community member
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I've never posted anything I've written, bare with me here. Wanting to share my story with the world so, Constructive criticism welcome 💜

Life Goes On !

If life has done you so wrong You feel like you can't be strong I hope you find comfort in the words of my song When the wrong path takes you to hell & back Cut yourself some slack Just don't forget to get on the right track

The story of my life has been interesting & I often wonder about the finishing but why waste time when life is diminishing? It's crazy I've came so far Form that day my dad passed under a car That man was my star

For years I kept my cool But kids were so cruel I broke down & dropped out of school Busted ass my junior year Finished on time without a fear Caps in the air, down falls a tear

Time has gone so fast But it's okay I had a blast Even though I knew it wouldn't last When the night is now gone Look up to embrace the new days dawn & just remember life goes on

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