Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 1 - Class 1A
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

Chapter 1 - Class 1A bakugo stories

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[Y/N] is a girl with a density quirk that allows her to alter the density of any part of her body to create powerful impacts, or partially phase through objects. She is enrolled in class 1A at UA. Desperate to become a great hero like her parents who died saving her in a car crash years ago, she trains hard and sticks to herself. Typically considered one of the weaker ones in her class due to her poor rankings in the sports festival and numerous defeats during training, she vows to work harder and teaches herself new techniques and strategies during lunch breaks and late at night. After utilising a new move she was working on during a training match against Bakugo, she brings him down and shocks the whole class. The explosive boy can’t help but confront her and question her sudden improvement. Where will this confrontation lead the two teens?

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Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 1 - Class 1A

"[Y/N]?" Aizawa sensei began calling the roll and you popped up, awoken from your daydream upon hearing your name. "Here!" You shouted as you stood, the others in class snickering at your reaction.

You slumped down into your seat, burying your head in your hands, eyeing the dark clouds in the sky out the window. Your seat was behind Midoriya which wasn't right up the back like you had hoped but was pretty close.

Your mind wandered as Aizawa finished up the roll call and doodled in your textbook before you. "Alright then, everyone get ready and head over." Aizawa concluded, leaving you in utter confusion. You were too tuned out and didn't catch what he said.

You began fretting for a moment as you saw everyone getting up and shuffling to the front of your class, though quickly realized you must be having a training session today given that they all went for their costume cases.

You followed suit and got changed, heading to the Gym Gamma with the rest of your class. Aizawa informed the students upon arrival that they would be having one-on-one fights for their training. You tuned out again, as your mind pondered who you would be paired with.

Students began shuffling off again in pairs and you realized you'd also tuned out as Aizawa had listed the pairs. Shit.

"Oi! You dense idiot! Get your head out of the clouds and let's go already!" The low rumble came from behind you as a green and orange glove reefed your shoulder around. Katsuki Bakugo glared at you for a moment and growled again.

"Are you even listening to me, idiot?" "I'm coming." His attitude bothered you. He wasn't aware that the reason you were so zoned out was because of all the extra training and late hours you were doing.

But you certainly had your reasons, so his comments seemed to piss you off more than usual. Perhaps that was also thanks to the tiredness.

"Dunno why they paired us, it's pretty obvious who'll win!" He yelled as he took a fighting stance. Jerk.

He jumped forward with a blast aimed at your stomach. You altered the density of the spot and his blast passed right through you. Once he was close enough, you increased the density of your foot and spun around to kick him, but he leaped back.

"Not bad for a loser like you." He mocked as a large grin shone through. His comments seemed to fire you up today. You hadn't tried any of your new moves on any of your classmates yet, but you had been working hard to perfect them.

Fine. If he wanted to egg you on, then you'd show him what you had! You may not have done well in the sports festival, nor in your combat training with the others, but you had to become a pro.

You had to make your parent's sacrifice worth something. After all, it was the whole reason you worked so hard to get into UA. Its why you skipped sleep to get in extra hours training. To hell with this jerk!

He rushed forward still smiling sinisterly, letting off several blasts, knowing you wouldn't be able to alter the density of numerous spots on your body. Or at least that was what he thought. You focused hard and made your whole body less dense.

The blasts didn't fully pass through but the effect you felt from them was pretty weak. Bakugo's eyes met yours and a look of confusion danced in them.

"What the hell?" He yelled as he moved past you. You switched to a dense fist and spun around, knocking him to the floor, a dense foot resting atop his head. "Guess I win?" You sneered at your fallen opponent as you saw the whole class stop mid-fight to stare on in shock.

"What kinda cheap move was that?" He yelled as you removed your foot. Your classmates jaws hung low and you overheard Kirishima from below. "Wait...did she just?"

"No way. She beat Bakugo?" Kaminari commented.

"How did she-?" You saw Mina start. Even Deku wasn't jabbering on with his usual commentary and analyzing the situation properly. "Good job, [Y/N]." Aizawa approached the two of you as Bakugo got up.

"I want a rematch!" He yelled as he stomped closer, a terrifying fury befalling the atmosphere.

"Calm down Bakugo." Aizawa raised a hand that halted the fuming boy as your vision began to blur. "I..." Your eyes became heavy and you hit the deck. You heard your classmates calling your name but quickly drifted off to darkness.

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