Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 5 Go Beyond
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 5 Go Beyond bakugo stories

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Click, click, click...Snap The lead on your mechanical pencil snapped as you clicked it too far out and scribbled notes furiously. You were studying hard and trying to get your homework done as fast as possible.

Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 5 Go Beyond

Click, click, click...Snap. The lead on your mechanical pencil snapped as you clicked it too far out and scribbled notes furiously. You were studying hard and trying to get your homework done as fast as possible.

You had hoped you would finish earlier than usual so you could get just a little bit more sleep tonight. The other students chatted away in the background as some lounged around and others sat in groups attempting to complete their homework.

You heard stomping down the hallway from the direction of the lift and Kaminari's loud laughter. "Shut the hell up!" Bakugo's angry voice filled the common area. You kept your head low and continued scribbling notes.

"Oi!" His stomping echoed closer as a hand slammed on the table in front of you. "You're putting in the hours but your quirk hasn't improved! You better hurry up and find a better way to train ya idiot."

"Hey man, ease up would ya?" Kirishima sighed at his explosive comment and rubbed his head. "Sorry about that, [Y/N] ...He's kinda a jerk sometimes." Kirishima apologized on behalf of his friend.

Bakugo's remark really hit home with you. You were already feeling frustrated at your lack of progress given your declaration you had made to him a while back at the fountain and you certainly didn't need him to remind you.

But, putting in the hours? What did that mean? Did he know you were training late at night too? "How did you-?" You raised your head to look at him but couldn't finish before he abruptly cut you off and stomped over to the lounges nearby.

"It doesn't matter how I know, ya dense nerd. Just hurry up and get better already!" He snarled as he plonked down, hands in pockets and feet raised to the center table. "Of course he knows how hard you're training! After all, he does follow you around like a creepy stalker all the time! Don't you, Bakugo?

" Kaminari joked around as he shook Bakugo's shoulder, prompting an angered response from the boy. A pink blush creeps across your cheeks as you once again buried your head in your notes.

"Shut the hell up, dunce face." Bakugo shouted at him, a similar, yet more subtle pinkness etched on his face. Kirishima remained silent and looked between the two of you, letting loose a little smirk.

"Tch. I'm going to bed!" Bakugo snarled at the boys as he rose to his feet and stormed back towards the lift, leaving you wondering why he bothered coming down in the first place.

Later that night, the dorms were quiet and dark as all the students slept. Bakugo remained awake in his bed, contemplating Kaminari's words. Had he been right?

"Damn moron!" He growled, throwing a pillow against the nearby wall. He got up from his bed and slid open his door, stepping onto the balcony as a cool breeze rustled his hair. "Tch, what does he know!" His arms rested on the cold metal railing as he looked out onto the campus.

A quick movement down below caught his attention. He saw [Y/N] pacing towards the forest. Where the hell was she going? He had thought. He quickly pulled on his shoes and ran after her.

"Shit! Which way did she go?" He looked around the dark forest, moonlight between the branches his only guiding light. SMASH! He heard your attack as the branches of the nearby trees shook from the force.

He smirked as he crept towards the source of the sound, making sure to remain out of your field of vision. WHOOSH, WHOOSH, WHAM! You continued sparring with the tree, not taking a moment to rest.

THWACK, WHAM, WHOOSH! You panted hard as you struck the tree over and over again and allowed smaller branches to pass through you. You panted hard and stumbled backward, planting hard on the forest floor, leaves cushioning your fall.

Bakugo watched, shaking his head. Tch. You heard the boy's classic tongue click as he walked forward and stood above you. He smirked as he looked down on you. You rose to your feet, startled, and edged back.

"So, you really are a stalker then?" You chuckled as your stance relaxed. "Hah? Why would I wanna stalk a loser like you?" Bakugo spat, averting his eyes from yours.

The moonlight was weak among the trees, making it hard to see his face, but you could see a hint of blush. His face became more serious as he edged closer to you.

He stopped just short and pulled you toward him by your collar. Your hands instinctively raised to create a barrier but ended up being placed on his chest, creating a huge blush on you. Your face was exposed to a crack of moonlight shining through the trees as his face approached uncomfortably close to yours.

Bakugo observed your expression as you closed your eyes tight with embarrassment. "I guess we now know the reasons for those ugly bags under your eyes!" He smirked and the blush on your cheeks began to dissipate. Instead, it was replaced with a mild fury at his hurtful truth.

Your eyes shot open as you pushed on his chest, creating more distance between you. "Wha? Shut up!" You yelled. His smirk only grew as he watched you pace away from him in anger and reach for your water bottle under a nearby tree.

You took a huge sip as he approached you once again, a more serious expression on his face now. "Seriously though...if you keep this up, you'll burn out for sure." He said in an almost soft voice as he looked to the ground.

"Why do you care?" You snorted as you screwed the lid tight and threw your bottle over your shoulder, readying yourself to resume training. He stomped closer to you, a fury in his eyes. You looked back at him, unsure what had prompted this response in him, and watched for his next moves.

He grabbed your wrist firmly, sending a sharp pain through it as he yanked your whole body around to face him. He grabbed you by the shoulders, squeezing tight, a strange expression on his face. It almost looked as if he were worried about something.

"Tch. You really wanna be that reckless?" His soft tone had vanished as he shouted those words angrily at you, grabbing your shoulders even tighter, making you wince in pain. You grabbed his hands, attempting to pry them off.

"Bakugo! That hurts!" You winced as you fiddled with his fingers and attempted to wriggle free from his harsh grip. "Dammit! You'll never become a pro if you burn out now!" He wouldn't listen to you and he certainly wasn't letting go, so you did the only thing you could and focused hard.

You decreased the density in your whole upper body and weaved away from him. He fell forward onto his hands and knees, a look of shock on his face. "You're such a jerk! It's none of your business how hard I train! I'm not just in this to beat you! I have my own reasons for being here - for doing all this!

" Tears welled in your eyes as thoughts of your parents' deaths flooded your mind. "You don't know anything!" You shouted and turned. Wiping your tears, you ran back towards the dorms, praying he wouldn't follow.

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