Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 4 Rematch
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader 

Chapter 4  Rematch bakugo stories

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"Okay, everyone pair off with your assigned partner and get started." Aizawa walked off to the corner of Gym Gamma as the students shuffled around the room, chatter commencing. Once again, you were paired with Bakugo (much to your dismay).

Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 4 Rematch

"Okay, everyone pair off with your assigned partner and get started." Aizawa walked off to the corner of Gym Gamma as the students shuffled around the room, chatter commencing. Once again, you were paired with Bakugo (much to your dismay).

You figured Aizawa had paired the two of you frequently because Bakugo relied too heavily on his explosions and could do with some improvement in his other fighting styles.

On the other hand, your fighting skills were rapidly improving thanks to your hard work, though you needed to practice using your quirk more to strengthen your attack and defense. You and he were essentially the perfect pair for training.

"Oi hurry up." You trailed along behind Bakugo, thoughts wandering as he stomped on ahead to the other side of the gym. He stopped suddenly in front of you, reaching his idea of the perfect ground to fight and you crashed into his back, thoughts re-centering on your looming match.

"Dammit! Ya dense idiot!" Bakugo turned, blast ready. "S-sorry!" You backed up, realizing your mistake. "Pay more attention when you're walking!" He let it go and looked away.

Your match continued on for a while and it was clear Bakugo was not holding back - not that he ever did - though something was different today. He was more determined to beat you and appeared to be taking you more seriously as an opponent.

The fight was that much harder, and you took numerous blasts to the back, legs and stomach as he knocked you around the area. "Did you get weaker, or are you holding back on me?" Bakugo chanted as his usual grin crawled onto his face. You edged back a few steps, taking a moment to collect yourself.

Sweat teamed down your face as you panted hard. Bruises colored your skin and the odd graze and speck of blood tainted your complexion. Dammit. Of course, you weren't holding back but you weren't good enough.

How could you compete with him now? You were barely able to hold your own before he started taking you seriously but now? Now, your gap became even more clear the longer the fight went on. No. I have to keep fighting. I have to try!

You gathered yourself as you stood strong, making a fist with both hands. Bakugo raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Looks like you're ready to go again. Let me know when you've had enough!" He rushed forward, explosions echoing in the gym.

You had been successful at avoiding about half of his attacks but using your quirk this much was certainly taking its toll. "Come on! Fight me for real! And don't bother using that move again cause I'll see it coming!" He yelled as he flew around the area.

You couldn't pull that move again if you wanted to - not after how long you'd been using your quirk. It wasn't very useful for drawn out battles. At least not yet. Fine. If I can't use that special move, I'll beat him with something he can't combat!

Determined, you put everything you had into this next move. Bakugo came at you ready to blast you again in the stomach. Time ran slow as you focused hard and increased the density of your right arm. At the same time, you decreased the density in your middle, letting his blast pass through you.

You grabbed onto his outstretched arm and pivoted, spinning him around, then used your bodyweight against him to flip him back over your shoulder. He planted hard onto the ground, a look of shock and anger on his face again. You huffed as you crumpled to your knees.

Fuck. I overdid it again. He immediately rose to his feet, ready to yell at you before observing your state. The bruises looked bad and your eyes were glazed over a bit.

You swayed from side to side as you stood, about to stumble to the ground. "Hey!" He yelled as he reached for your arm, stopping you from falling. "I'm fine...let's...let's keep going." You huffed the words out as you snatched your arm away.

You went to step forward and once again stumbled. "Dammit!" He grabbed your waist and caught you again. "Like hell! You can't even stand, let alone fight!" He ushered you to the door, walking past Mr. Aizawa.

"I'm taking her to Recovery Girl..." He remarked, supporting your waist with your arm resting on his shoulder. "I-I'm fine!" You yelled ever so quietly with a weakened voice. "Go." Your teacher said after assessing your state.

The two of you edged slowly through the park. It would take you an hour to reach her office at this rate. "Just stop..." You pulled yourself away from the spiky-haired boy and plonked down on the ground under the shade of one of the taller trees.

"What the hell are you doing?" He yelled at you once again. "You should-" "Shut up!" You cut him off, a frustrated scowl on your face as your tear-filled eyes bore into his. "Just go away already!" You yelled, more angry than anything else now.

But it wasn't him you were angry at. You just couldn't stop yourself taking out your frustrations on him. "Wha-?" He started, confused as all get out.

"It's still not enough! I put everything I had into that and you got straight back up! Meanwhile I'm over here hobbling away to Recovery Girl! " You were now shouting as the tears escaped and rolled down your cheeks. "How can I even hope to be a pro? I can't even beat you!"

"Don't take it so personally, I'd beat everyone in our class!" He retorted with a proud smirk. You simply eyed him and lowered your head in defeat. "Tch!" He snarked as he walked over to you extending out a hand. You looked up at him, an ever-so-faint pink blush on his face.

"Come on already ya dense nerd!" He shook his hand, hurrying along your movements. You took his hand and rose to your feet, now more stable and recovered. The two of you walked slowly to the fountain in the middle of the park and sat on the ledge.

"How come you never tried those moves before? You probably wouldn't have bombed in the sports festival if you did." He sighed as he rested his arms on his knees. "I haven't practiced using my quirk on my whole body before. And that was the first time I used increased and decreased density at once." You spoke quietly.

"Well, better train up. You'll need every good move you got if you wanna beat me next time!" He laughed, looking out into the tree line as a breeze rustled his hair. You watched his face, admiring his smile, wishing he would show that look more often.

Badum, badum. "Yeah...I will." You smiled as you looked forward.

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