Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 3 Lunch Break
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 3 
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Ding Dong! The lunch bell rang, as Ectoplasm wrapped up maths quadratics lesson. You hadn't been able to wrap your head around it all as you had been up late training in the park most of the night.

Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 3 Lunch Break

Ding Dong! The lunch bell rang, as Ectoplasm wrapped up his maths lesson. You hadn't been able to wrap your head around it all as you had been up late training in the park most of the night.

"Hah..." you sighed as you closed your textbook and zipped up your pencil case. "Hey, [Y/N]! Want to eat with us today?" Uraraka approached your desk, a huge smile on her face. "Yeah, you like never join us!" Mina chimed in.

"It would be nice to have you eat with us for once, ribbit." Tsuyu also seemed to voice her interest in you making an appearance.

Bakugo finished packing up his textbooks and eyed you from in front as he was surrounded by Kaminari and Kirishima rabbiting on about the difficulty of the lessons. His angry retort made it clear that he found it easy. Your eyes met his for a brief moment before he angrily averted his gaze to the front of the class.

You looked down at your blank desk and responded to the girls. "Sorry you guys. I actually have something I have to do today." Your eyes remained fixed on your hands as you heard a chair in front scrape against the floor.

"Tch." Bakugo stomped out of the classroom followed by his entourage. You were unsure if it was you he was angry at, or if that was just usual Bakugo behaviour.

Your feet moved you forward as you neared Gym Gamma. You never ate lunch at the cafeteria because you wanted to spend the break training. Aizawa had given you permission to use the gym during lunch breaks though he threw in a warning about not over-exerting yourself or you might burn out.

You had no choice - if you wanted to get good enough, this is what you would need to do. Swish...BAM!

Your legs spun you around gracefully as you sliced through the air and smashed with increased the density in your foot, greeting the cement block with a loud smash. Fwoom...swish...BAM!

Your arms continued as you spiralled around behind and passed through the cement pillar, before bringing your other arm around to follow it and providing the pillar with a solid clash.

Pieces of rubble flew from the pillar as you rested your hands on your knees, panting hard with a steady stream of sweat making a path down your cheek. You looked up in disappointment. You weren't dense enough - the pillar was mostly intact.

"More...I need more...shit! It's not good enough!" You slumped to the floor, eyes welling slightly. "What the hell was that?" A rough voice echoed through the gym as you wiped your eyes with your sleeve and rose to your feet.

"You were able to take me down with weak-ass moves like that?" You spun around and were greeted by the cold gaze of a spiky-haired blonde. You sniffed back your tears and put on a tough act as you straightened yourself up more.

"Why are you here?" You snapped as you snatched up your water bottle resting at the edge of the gym. "Shouldn't you be eating lunch in the cafeteria?" You gulped down as droplets streamed down the side of your mouth and neck.

Bakugo watched your throat and followed the trailing droplets with his eyes. "You still owe me that explanation." He growled at you as you eyed him carefully. He quickly looked away with a scowl on his face as you screwed the top back on your water bottle.

"I don't owe you anything." You stood front on and held your ground. Bakugo noticed your response and a rush of anger flooded him. He stomped steadily forward; brows furrowed. "Hah! The hell you say?" He readied his hand to the side as sparks and mini explosions echoed the room.

You flinched slightly but caught yourself panicking internally and made sure to regain your composure. He stopped just short of you and his face inched closer to yours as you leant back slightly.

"Well, whatever. It doesn't matter how you beat me!" He smirked as his face stopped right in front of yours, his head tilting to the side. "You won't get so lucky again!" His mouth spoke the words right into your left ear and his breath tickled you.

A light blush crossed your cheek as he backed up and stood over you, looking down at you with that mean smirk he often wore. He eyed your cheeks as you looked to the side, frustrated by your body's response. His eyes widened in surprise as he took a step back, realised how close he had gotten to you.

Tch. He spun on his heel and stomped out of the gym, leaving you to collapse back onto the seat at the edge of the gym. What was that? Why was my heart beating so fast?

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