Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 2 - The Confrontation
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 2  - The Confrontation bakugo stories

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Your eyes began to flicker open and the blinding LED light shone in. A huge pair of wrinkled lips were retracting away from your cheek as you looked around the room.

Katsuki Bakugo x Reader Chapter 2 - The Confrontation

Your eyes began to flicker open and the blinding LED light shone in. A huge pair of wrinkled lips were retracting away from your cheek as you looked around the room.

You had wondered how you even got to Recovery Girl's office as you remember collapsing in Gym Gamma. "You're finally awake, child. It would appear you overexerted yourself with that move you did.

" The wheels on her chair rolled swiftly along the ground as she pushed off your bed towards her desk. "B-but...how did I get here?" You muttered as your eyes adjusted to take in your surroundings.

"That child carried you in. He was yelling the whole time of course but I think he felt responsible for you fainting. Quite the temper he has though. " She tapped away at her computer and rustled the papers on her desk. You knew who she was talking about.

One mention of yelling and a temper and it was clear. But why would he feel responsible? "Anyway, you can rest here a little longer if you'd like. The school day is over, but you are recovered enough to leave when you feel ready." Recovery Girl's kind voice echoed through the clinical room.

You closed your eyes to block out the light and swung your legs to the side of the bed, propping yourself up with your arms as supports. "Thank you..." you rose to your feet and collected your belongings from the seat beside the bed.

"You're going already?" The old lady seemed surprised at your sudden movements. "Yeah. I would prefer to sleep in my bed." You gave a nod as you slide open the door and passed to the other side.

The long corridor seemed endless as your weakened body made its way to the exit. The cold wind rushed you as you stepped outside, sending a shiver down your spine. Those ominous clouds from the morning still lingered above, threatening to rain down on you any minute now.

You hurried along the path towards 1A's dorm but were caught in the cloud burst. Torrential rain bucketed down, drenching you from head to toe.

Moving as quickly as your body allowed, you retreated into the building, leaving a puddle below you. Most of the students were in the common area either studying or socializing, though there were a few faces missing, including Bakugo.

Of course he wouldn't be here, it was already pretty late and he didn't like to stay out at this time. You supposed you owed him a thank you, though it was doubtful whether it would be well received.

"[Y/N]! Thank God you're okay!" Uraraka ran towards you ready to hug you but stopped just short as she saw your soaked clothes. "Ah, what happened?" She mused loudly as she looked you up and down.

"Did you perhaps forget an umbrella, [Y/N]?" Iida approached with a towel. "The whole class was so worried about you. We're glad you're not too badly hurt." Midoriya offered. You apologized for worrying them, though the conversation quickly turned topic.

"What exactly was that move you did?" Todoroki eyed you, a blank expression resting on his face. A couple of people in the group looked worried, visually prompting him about the mistake he made in raising such a question at this time.

"Yeah, no kidding! It was something else...we didn't even know you could pull a move like that" Kirishima added on to Todoroki's sentiment. "I mean, you took Bakugo down in one move...sure wish I had some skills like that. He'd wipe the ring with someone like me." Sero admitted, glumly.

"Now, now everyone. [Y/N] has been through a lot today, and she is drenched from head to toe." Iida interjected, ushering you past the crowd.

"Yes, you should dry yourself and rest, [Y/N]. Please let us know if there is anything you need. I would be happy to make you some calming tea." Yaoyorozu offered, a kind smile on her face.

You shuffled past the group, leaving a trail of water droplets as you walked through the halls to the lift. Once the doors opened, you saw him leaning against your door. His arms were crossed, and his eyes closed, a frustrated look on his face.

"What kind of idiot doesn't take an umbrella!" He muttered as he scuffed his foot along the carpet, turning to face you. His eyes met yours and held their ground. "You owe me an explanation ya dense nerd!" He barked as his hands rested in his pockets.

You simply ignored him and walked past, too tired and weak to pick a fight right now. You unlocked your door and paused in the middle of the frame. "Hey, ah...thank you...for carrying me, I mean." You stared at your feet, not turning back to look at his reaction.

At least you'd said it - you didn't need to know how he'd respond. You quickly pulled the door shut as you stepped further into your room.

Tch. You heard him stomp down the hallway and away from your room.

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