Attack on Titan - Levi x Reader Chapter 1 Shiganshina: The Fall of Wall Maria
Attack on Titan - Levi x Reader

Chapter 1 

Shiganshina: The Fall of Wall Maria levi stories

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A starving orphan girl from Shiganshina makes her way through the inner cities after the fall of wall Maria. She initially gets by stealing food and sleeping in warehouses, until one day when she is caught stealing by a merchant. They agree not to report her to the military police if she does them a favor. She is tasked with reclaiming a valuable vase from some bandits who stole from the merchant. Upon successful completion of her task, the merchant offers her some coin. She begins to market herself as a hired hand who will do people’s dirty work in exchange for money. By the age of 16, she takes on her first hit against an overbearing official who has been heavily taxing villagers to the point of extreme poverty. She begins taking on more vigilante-type roles and quickly builds a reputation for herself as someone dangerous. She keeps her identity relatively secret, though she quickly attracts the attention of the Military Police, who dispatch countless investigators and soldiers to try and hunt her down. She successfully avoids capture countless times until one day when she accidentally runs into Levi Ackerman while running from the MP’s. He detains her and agrees to take her under his wing after learning of all her work. She is trained under his supervision to become a soldier and begins going on scouting missions with Levi squad. Through their numerous missions together, the experience hardships and losses, bringing them closer together through mutual respect and understanding.

(Sorry for the long description guys! I plan on updating this story every other day and adding a new chapter. If anyone has any requests on what they want to see or how they want the story to go, let me know).


Attack on Titan - Levi x Reader Chapter 1 Shiganshina: The Fall of Wall Maria

Your fingers stretched out in front of your face as you reached for the sun. The shade to your left on the crate where you were perched offered a cool retreat from the intense burn. But you liked the burn, it made you feel alive and warm. It softened the harsh darkness of your cruel reality.

Growl... How long since you had last eaten even a single scrap? That loaf of bread you stole was fully digested over a week ago. Sighing, you lowered your weakened arm back to your side.

Day time was idle and boring for you. You were forced to lay low due to the increased number of watchful eyes when the sun was out. Growl....

You contemplated whether to steal another loaf of bread, though the risk of capture was not worth it. Resigning yourself to your hungry state you lay back onto the crate, stretching out like a cat.

"What's wrong heretic? If it hurts, hit me back!" A couple of young boys appeared to be fighting at the end of the street near your refuge. Tch. It's too loud here.

Frustrated, you hopped down onto the cobblestone ground and made your way further into the darkness of the alley, leaving the commotion behind you.

Better to avoid any unwanted attention you had thought to yourself. As you wandered down the alley and reached its end, a stack of boxes had presented themselves in perfect climbing formation.

One by one you scaled your way up to the roof and across to the adjoining street. You planted your feet successfully on the ground but bumped into a little old lady upon turning around.

Avoiding eye contact you apologized and quickly turned on your heel ready to bolt. "Young lady, where are your parents?"

Tch. Your mind became defensive and you hated that she would even dare to ask. Of course, a bony kid such as yourself wouldn't have any. How could the inconsiderate old hag even ask? "Gone." You bit back in a rather harsh tone.

She said nothing and simply reached into the sack she had slung over her shoulder. "Here. It's not much, but it will help a little." She had extended a hand with a small loaf of bread in it.

After your aggressive response, you were baffled by her kindness, especially since her tattered clothes certainly pointed to no sign of her own prosperity. Cautiously you accepted with your wary eyes watching her every movement.

She raised her hands as if to suggest a heralding of peace. "I bear no ill intent child. Think nothing of this old lady's act of kindness and be on your way." She chuckled and gave a sweet nod.

BOOM! A huge sound came echoing through the streets and rattled the very foundations upon which you were standing. The little old lady had lost her balance and appeared to be staring - her mouth agape and eyes filled with terror.

Your eyes slowly made their way to her line of vision as you witnessed the great terror before you. A titan head had appeared and was poking over the top of Wall Maria.

A loud crash followed as its foot swung and caved in the gate below. Loud crashes and frightened screams filled the air.

"Hey old lady!" You had shouted at her hoping to make her move but she was frozen stiff in a position of pure fear. The sun was momentarily blocked as you saw a large fragment of the gate roughly the size of a horse plummeting in your direction.

Her kind offering of bread plummeted to the ground as you reached your arm out to her, but it was over before you could act. A splatter of blood was pooled around a protruding arm from the debris. The horrific sight had almost rendered you incapable of moving just as the old lady had been moments prior.

I have to run. Why won't my legs move? I have to run. Or I'll end up like her. Move!

Your muscles had stiffened. Your legs were ignoring the command of your brain. Move you worthless piece of shit! Your command was a success and your body sprung to action as you began fleeing the scene.

Your extensive knowledge of the city's layout had proved useful as you darted through alleys and crevices, avoiding the panicked crowds polluting the streets with useless shouts and pleas to deities begging for a savior. Perched momentarily on the roof of a small shop you saw the commotion below.

Screams were echoing from every direction and bodies littered the streets like splattered bugs. People trampled one another in a desperate attempt to escape their impending deaths.

Abandoned children sat curled up against walls. They were engulfed in their own tears as they shouted out for their dead mothers and fathers. I have to keep moving!

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