Attack on Titan - Levi x Reader Chapter 2 Escape
Attack on Titan - Levi x Reader 

Chapter 2 

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A starving orphan girl from Shiganshina makes her way through the inner cities after the fall of wall Maria. She initially gets by stealing food and sleeping in warehouses, until one day when she is caught stealing by a merchant. They agree not to report her to the military police if she does them a favor. She is tasked with reclaiming a valuable vase from some bandits who stole from the merchant. Upon successful completion of her task, the merchant offers her some coin. She begins to market herself as a hired hand who will do people’s dirty work in exchange for money. By the age of 16, she takes on her first hit against an overbearing official who has been heavily taxing villagers to the point of extreme poverty. She begins taking on more vigilante-type roles and quickly builds a reputation for herself as someone dangerous. She keeps her identity relatively secret, though she quickly attracts the attention of the Military Police, who dispatch countless investigators and soldiers to try and hunt her down. She successfully avoids capture countless times until one day when she accidentally runs into Levi Ackerman while running from the MP’s. He detains her and agrees to take her under his wing after learning of all her work. She is trained under his supervision to become a soldier and begins going on scouting missions with Levi squad. Through their numerous missions together, the experience hardships and losses, bringing them closer together through mutual respect and understanding.

Attack on Titan - Levi x Reader Chapter 2 Escape

Your feet scurried faster and faster as the titans began approaching. Their sinister smiles and wide eyes moved in search of their next meal. Outstretched, blood-soaked hands plucked screaming humans from the ground.

Crunch. Bones snapped and blood spirted as they bit down over and over again. Horror loomed in the air and the streets became littered with bodies.

You made your escape to inside wall of Shiganshina and hastily made your way to a ferry bound inward. The crowds pushed and shoved, elbows collided with stomachs, feet trampled anyone unlucky enough to have stumbled to the ground. Your small size was almost an advantage.

You got down low and squeezed your way through, making it past the crowds. "Move it! These things aren't going to give you a head start!" You were greeted by a panicked soldier and ushered onto the ferry.

Collapsing against one of its sides, you panted hard, and a wave of relief washed over you. I did it. I made it. Thud. A sack was hurled over the side of the boat.

"No personal belongings. We need to make as much room as possible!" The soldier shouted at the incoming crowd. Not that it mattered for you. You had nothing to your name either way. "Armin, you best have a seat." An old man spoke to his standing blonde grandchild.

You recognized him from before. He was the child who was being beaten in the street. "I will, just keeping an eye out for my friends." He turned to his grandfather before looking back out to the crowd. You were surprised to hear him even say such a word.

Friends. You hadn't had that luxury in life. Your life was too far removed from normal to enjoy such pleasures. You scoffed as you tugged your hood over your face and closed your eyes.

A few moments late you heard the soldiers shout again. "We're at full capacity! Push off now!" People began pleading and screaming, begging to have their children accepted on board.

The ferry began inching forward and you saw people lunge off the ledge in an attempt to get on, only to plummet below.

The desperation in everyone's eyes lingered in your thoughts as the ferry tugged on. You heard screaming echo from the takeoff place of the ferry.

A moment passed and a large titan covered with a thick coating that almost looked like rock burst through the brick gate leaving a gaping hole in its wake. The titans began pouring in through the hole as people gaped in silence.

"That's it, we're all dead. We're dead and standing at the gate of hell." The panic inside people began to seep out. Some prayed, some cried, and some were simply left speechless.

Suddenly, a brown-haired boy with green eyes rose and marched towards the edge of the ferry. He was seething with anger and pushed past the blonde boy. You assumed they must know each other. Perhaps he was one of those 'friends' the blonde mentioned.

"I'm gonna put a stop to this. I'll kill them all. Every last one!" He growled as his friend stared in disbelief. You saw the determination in his eyes as you watched from the sidelines, though you couldn't take him seriously.

Yeah right. You're going to stop the titans? As if.

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