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1903 Commaful's "TV Studio"
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Please enter!!!! Spread the word!!!!


Yup. @1903 is holding a contest!

My idea

Shut it Maurice

Anyway, so you notice the description has changed from

"DM me for interviews" to...

"Commaful's " TV Studio""

We're thinking of bringing a wide form of entertainment

That includes the interviews


And this contest!

Intern, please explain the details!

Hi, so we need a few ideas and covers for our station

So, we want you guys to come up with an idea (sim, contest, interview concept, even a story) And/or A cover

You may do both or one.

If you do both, please come up with a cover for your own idea

If you do the cover, we need ones for these concepts

*Truth or Dare *Would You Rather *1903 Talks: After Talks *Paranoia *Love Lasts *1903 Contest *Collab Time

Prizes include(along with shout out of entry)

1st: Cover and/or idea is used ASAP, follow, 3 shout outs 2nd: Cover and/or idea is used at some point, follow, 2 shout outs 3rd: follow, shout out

Rules are...

*Please leave link in comments of this post *Original ideas only (fanfiction we're trying to stay away from) *Please have your entries in by the 30th of April or the 1st or May.

Thank you Intern!

I think that's it!

Have a good day guys!

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