1903 Talks Episode 1
1903 Talks
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1903 Commaful's "TV Studio"
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1903 Talks Episode 1

Screw Ekon, I got a real guest!

You do realize Ekon's still on the interview list, right?

Still Maurice, still...

Welcome to 1903 Talks!

Today we have...



Welcome to 1903 Talks! Hru?

I'm doing pretty good! How are you

Pretty good!

Thats good

First question!

What fandom is your favorite?

Can books be fandoms


Oh then Wings of Fire definatly

Cool! I'll have to read it sometime

Yeah its a book series

Next question...

If you had $1,000,000 dollars, what would you do with it?

Hmmmmm probably give half of it to people in need and the other half.....

Probably buy a bunch of food and give the rest away.

Sounds like a reasonable way to spend it

Yepsi pepsi


Lol, next question:

How did you find Commaful?

So i looked up places to write and i acctually made this then left commaful then forgot about it and made a new one after i tried wattpad

If that makes sense

It does actually.

Final question...you ready?

Yep hit me

Lik not acctually but~

Lol, if you could shout out five people on Commaful, who would they be. (I say five, but it can be however many you want)

Hmm well i would say everyone deserves a shoutout but since only 5 then @rowan0530 @mha_fanfiction @txddy_cami13 @oliviathepanda and @once_upona_time

They have all helped me tramendesly

Or however you spell it


Well, thanks for joining me!

Thanks for having me!


I love doing that...

DM if you want an interview!

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