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Hippocrates once said, "Nature itself is the best physician."It often finds different ways to heal itself. No matter what the circumstance is, it comes up with something to return to its original and real self.


Hippocrates once said, "Nature itself is the best physician."It often finds different ways to heal itself.

No matter what the circumstance is, it comes up with something to return to its original and real self.

I my opinion it has done the same this time too by bringing Corona Virus or COVID-19 into existence.

The statistics of population, pollution and other problems affecting the environment rose so drastically in the past decades that they forced nature to find a proper solution for the same.

Ergo Mother Nature brought corona virus into existence and helped itself. And as it was supposed to be, Mother Nature has healed itself to a large extent.

Examples are the healing of the ozone hole above Antarctica, cleaning of river waters, freed animals and what not. Almost everything has been altered and humans are no exceptions.

We have been living completely different lives altogether during this pandemic period and because of the same almost all of our plans have been changed or cancelled in some way.

Humans are left with no other solution than to wait till the invention of a solution for this global disease.

I am no exception to the current situation. I am a highschooler who is her senior most grade and last year of school life in 2020.

As usual I had too many plans for this year too but ironically none of them came true. I am a North Indian and my school going period is quiet different from the rest of the country.

My school starts in late February and goes on till mid December because December to February is period of chilly winter here and going to school is an impossible task as our schools

are devoid of central heating systems. Therefore already we do not get to spend much time in school.

This year we went to school till mid march and then they were called off across the whole country due to this pandemic thing.

We were supposed to have our English declamations in mid April, sports day at the end of May, mid terms in June and a whole lot of other activities.

I thought of hanging out with my friends as much as possible this year but who'd know that we would not even get to step out of our house.

I am a very outgoing girl but with only a few people, whom I can trust and I can rely upon.

But still in spite of my weird introvert nature I love going to school, take part in extra curricular activities, talk to my teachers and write letters for them on their birthdays.

Talking about the extremes, it is my last year of school.

We were previously denied of any farewell due to certain happenings that took place two years back at the time of farewell and now this....

I mean who could have such a messed senior year of high school. Apart from school too things have not been great. I decided not to step out of my house during the first lockdown and I did so.

Even during the following periods of lockdown I didn't go out much, I would go for short strolls and learn to drive. Apart from that it was totally nothing.

I have turned into a homesick kind of person during this time. I read almost everyday, watch Netflix a lot (especially movies and Riverdale... I am actually obsessed with it) and a lot more.

I have regular online classes which make me and my friends feel partially at school but obviously not like we were really at school. It's like... We are just in touch.

Our teachers are giving their best and teaching us with all their energy and will. It's really commendable that they are putting so many efforts for our good.

One funny thing I would mention is that as previously everyone would wait for a holiday to sleep till as late as they could but now...It's like everyone's done with sleeping...

Even I wake up at six without any alarm.

I cannot clearly say what this situation has brought us more, harm or good... But no matter what it has ...

surely it has brought immense changes with itself and taught us a new way of life which will be remembered till ages and ages...

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