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15yearold Community member
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here are the thoughts of a 15 year old girl there not story's there facts so if u would like to wonder what its like to be a 15 year old this story is for you


i'm 15 and i can say I've been told to kill myself... and i was 13 when that happen when you go to high school you already are trying to find yourself and to be told that your not good enough to walk the earth sinks in and you start to believe it. bullying is not okay 'people bully other because they try to make them feel better about themselves because there insecure" i call bullshit they do it to feel power and to belittle others.

they like to enforce pain and suffering on others an they like to watch. They are cowards who find happiness in the pain from others. All my life I've been taught about bully's and bully is not okay but adults don't do anything about it. the weak ones are the ones that suffer so don't be a weak one be the one on top don't let them take your power. have you ever been bullied before? have you been a bully and if so did u like the feeling of belittling others?

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