20 Words - a poem -
20 Words 

- a poem - hopeful stories

13typesofmess How are words so loud?
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20 words make the first line. So, the next is 19, of course. 18. 17. 16...

20 Words - a poem -

It is simple, really, to leave a long lasting mark on this world because you will always have one thing.

Tens of thousands of years, and more than that of inconspicuous little things that have no real value alone.

Now, these things are curious, in the way they are set in stone, yet sometimes change without warning.

You may find yourself bonding to them in a completely abstract manner that haunts for the better.

I would like you to consider learning about them in depth just to grasp it all.

Physical remnants can be left, of course, but I encourage acknowledging the ripples you make.

The possibility of imprinting on someone else’s experience should be regarded with sincere care.

You may not yet understand my message, so I would like to reiterate.

To leave your strongest mark you must understand each of them individually.

Wait. Noted, alone, they can give certain amounts of moldable information.

Just don’t forget that your real power here is design.

So many possibilities await because you become a magician.

Thought altering spells, but what are your goals?

Witches who turn petty tyrants into frogs?

I hope you make it right.

This place that hates truth.

If you just look.

Find your Light.

Scream it.


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