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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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It Can't be Stopped!


It's Coming, it's coming & It Can't be Stopped!

Since Reality began it has Thundered along the Steel Track's of Consciousness, Always Thundering straight ahead Through the Mists of Time like a Foreboding Monster tracking its Prey.

I feel it's Brooding presence & STENCH of Utter Decay, its Black veil smothering Everything in it's Track's we take for Reality.

Am I the Only one that can Sense it's Destruction? Is Humanity So Conditioned Numbed & Blind that they can Not Feel its Evil?

Its getting Near!

I can Hear it's wheels of Steel Screeching on it's Never Ending path.

I can see the Black Mass of Shadows Swirling all around it like a Malevolent Beast, it's Darkness looks Solid & Impenetrable.

This On going Nightmare is Darker than Death, Teasing me with it's hold over me, It's Evil playing with my Sanity like a Puppet on strings,

the Terror I feel Freezes me in it's Grasp squeezing the very life from my Broken shell, It's Haunting Whistle Blew once more splitting the Night,

it's sound was like screaming voices of the Damned that are Trapped for Eternity in it's sombre Hell, the Souls of the Departed frantically searching for more Victims to Consume into their Darkness.

There are No Pure Angels left in this Reality, just Malevolence that is Ruled by Darkness,

the Whistle Blows Once again Gripping my heart like ice & the Feeling of Utter Despair Wraps it's Decaying Fingers Firmly around my face like a Mask.

As the Train splits through the Swirling Mist of time I can see its Blood Red Light guiding it on it's Endless path, It's unblinking stare penetrating though my consciousness,

Tearing at my soul.

I am Terrified, Anxiety Flows through my body Uncontrolled, I can't control this Unwanted Flowing Energy it Controls Me, it is my Master!

My Mind is Broken, The Endless Voices in my head mingle into one, my Mind is Racing, I can't Breathe, i'm Choking, my lungs are Empty, I see Death Reach out his Bony hand but I am Not Ready,

it is Not my Time, I Awake Bolt upright Gasping in the nights air, Am I Dead?

This same Invading Nightmare comes with Every sleep, it is consuming in its Quest, Each time Getting closer, I now know I No longer have the Energy to Fight this Dark Force,

it has Almost won this Game of Ghost's, I am Ready! I slowly fall back into a Deep sleep but it wouldn't be long before I am stood back on those Track's of time Surrounded once more by Darkness.

I Hear it's Deathly Whistle splitting the Night one Last time, Screaming voices mocking at my Sanity I take a step Backwards but I am at the End of the line,

the Bumpers stop my Retreat the Dark Swirling Mist Billowing from the Trains chimney is All around me, I feel Fingers Tearing at my skin Ripping the Rotten Flesh from my Bones,

Just as I am being consumed in this Dark Decaying Matrix I feel his Presence once more, his bony Hand is Reaching out for Me one more time, But this time I Accept!

He pulls me closer knowing he has finally won this long Battle, He wraps his Dark Cloak around my Broken soul & then there is Only Darkness.

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