The Abattoir pt3
The Abattoir pt3  life stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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In Memory of All Those that were Taken .

The Abattoir pt3

The Slaughterers came up to the Metal fencing & started counting how many Lambs were in the Pen, Amber heard him shout to his fellow worker that he counted 55 in total,

Once they counted one more time & confirmed the number was right one of the Slaughter men went to the back of the pen & opened the Gate that would lead the lambs into the building through large Metal doors,

the other Slaughter man started waving his arms about shouting at the lambs to move But none Wanted to enter that Building of Death,

When they didn’t move upon his shouting he started losing patients pulling them by their Coats & jabbing his knee into the Lambs Ribs until they finally moved into the building.

When Amber & Jasper went through the door into the building the Utter Horror that met their Eyes was one which No words can describe!

the Stench of Blood, Death & Excrement was over whelming, they could here the Bleating of more Lambs in the next room,

their Cries were of Utter Terror & Despair but slowly their Cries faded out till there were no more!

Amber looked round for her brothers support but he was just stood there in Shock, his Eyes were perplexed & Gazing into the unknown as if he could see the Unseen, she shouted at him to try & bring him back into this Reality,

he had Blocked all his senses to this buildings Deathly Horrors & Screams but his sisters pleading had awoken him from his Trance,

she said in a Tearful voice stay by my side we must comfort each other till the End we were Born into this world together & we shall leave this world together!

The Crow had found his way into the building through the large set of Steel doors which the Lambs came through, the Slaughter men were far to busy to notice him in his Silent flight,

he found a good vantage point on a large steel Beam in the Roof space & he could clearly see Amber & Jasper Huddled together on the concrete floor far below,

the Crow felt the Unease of the building, even the steel rafters that held the building together had a cold harshness that made him Shiver,

maybe they had Absorbed the Negative Energy from all the Horrors that happen in this building the Crow thought to himself?

He looked back at the two Lambs & knew it wouldn’t be long until they are moved up the Ramp & into the Killing Floor.

Some of the Lambs were now Frantic & tried Jumping over the Metal fencing in the holding pen but the fences were to High & there would be No Escaping from this Hell, the Lambs screaming pleas for Help

matched the Madness in their young Eyes,

some had Blood dripping down their oily coats showing the wounds of their Failed Escape attempts others had Dropped to their knees though Desperation & Exhaustion for No animal wants

to Die & there is No Humane way of Ending a Life when it wants to live!

The slaughter men reappeared & were now Shouting & kicking at the Lambs on the floor to get them to get back up as the solid Metal door at the top of the Ramp was slowly slid open,

its small Metal wheels screeched & Groaned like crazed Demons under the weight of the door,

was it possible that even these Metal wheels were Corrupted & enjoyed there small existence in this Building of Death?

the Door was now Wide open like the Gateway to Hell & beyond its door in the Gloom of artificial lighting is the Killing Room.

The Crow caught sight of Amber & Jasper at the back of the flock & as they went through the door it was closed Firmly once more with a shuddering Bang behind them.

The Crow now had to quickly move from his perch & find a new view point in the next room so he could watch over the two Lambs,

it wasn’t to difficult to find a Gap in the Roof space to enter the killing Room & once through his Wings almost froze with Horror at what he saw.

There were Lambs already Hanging with their Throats slit & Eyes Glazed over, the Warm Blood was still oozing from their Lifeless Bodies,

the Blood was a River of Red on the floor on this production line of Death it was almost too much even for the Crow to comprehend,

but he must stay to the End like he had promised No matter how terrible these Horrors were.

The lambs were Frantic as they watched those before them slowly being fed into a single line feeder waiting for their turn for the Operator to place the Electric tongs on either side of

their Head & then there was that Sizzling zap sound as he pressed the Button which made the Lambs limp & Lifeless, though the lambs would sometimes survive the Tongs their Brain's would be Fried,

they were quickly Dragged & Hung on Massive hooks where another Slaughter man would quickly slit the Lambs Throat & Hot blood would squirt across the room on the Knifes first cut,

some Bodies were still Wriggling in objection doing Death throws, it was like a scene from a Nightmare & there could only be one Ending & that was Death.

The Crow looked on in Anger at the carnage below & at the Quickly shrinking flock who only a few hours before had been Enjoying the joys of Life,

the Crow spat out a lump of Bile that had been lodged in his Throat at the Humans below in Disgust.

The Crows attention Quickly went back to Amber & Jasper who were now being funnelled slowly towards the Operator & their Impending Death,

the Crow just hoped the Wise words he had told them may be of some comfort in their Final moments as they walked into the Shadow of Death.

The Crow could barely watch as Jasper’s turn came first, The Crow watched as the Operator fitted the Prongs either side of Jasper’s Head but there was little struggle,

just a crazed Emptiness had filled his Eyes with Despair & just as the Operator was about to Press the Button to dash this young lambs life Amber shouted to her Brother I love you & then there was

a Crackling Zap & Jasper was Gone!

The Crow watched as Jasper was Hung onto a Metal hook to wait his turn to have his Blood Drained from his Lifeless body,

the Crow cried out a loud Squawk but it wasn’t over as he had to watch Amber’s last moments which were next, the Operator had already started fitting the prongs around her Beautiful head,

She took one last long look up & spotted her friend the Crow & gave a Beautiful smile which the Crow will Never Forget for the Rest of his life & as she Smiled she closed her eyes,

then there was that Horrendous Zap & she was Gone, her Beautiful face went limp & her tongue hanged out the side of her mouth! It was all to much for the Crow as his Tears rained down Uncontrolled.

The Crow stayed to the very End of the Lambs life like he had promised but he could Not watch any longer as these Barbaric so called Humans started to Dissect

those Poor lambs bodies & Empty their still warm innards from their lifeless bodies, it was time to fly the Crow thought to himself & as he opened his wings they caught the Bright Light of

Two Glowing Orbs which lightened up the Gloom of this Dark brooding building, he quickly followed the Orbs path out of the building for he knew these were the souls of Amber & Jasper!

As the Crow left Deaths stench & Decay behind & Flew back outside into the Early evening sky where the air was slightly more palatable he could see the Orbs heading up towards

the Dark clouds which still sat motionless above the Abattoir & as they drew closer like a Magic spell the clouds started to part & from behind their Dark veil came a Beam of the

most Amazing pure Light & the Orbs were consumed into its Golden rays & were Gone.

The Crow could hardly believe what he had just witnessed as the Clouds once more closed in behind to create a desperate Black Gloom over the Abattoir ,

his Sadness was slightly up lifted as he now knew the Lambs Spirits were now in a far better place away from the cruel Horrors of this Human world!

The Crow squawked Loudly in Anger one last Time at the Humans below but he knew their day would come sooner or later & justice will be done for Not even Humans can Escape their Final Judgement & Karma is Waiting for those with Blackened Souls!

The Crow had a long flight home ahead of him but knew the old Oak would be waiting patiently for his Return & the Crow had seen enough of this Dark Human Domain.

The Crow had one last thing to do & that was to keep his promise to Amber & Jasper, their last words they had said to him Which he had promised he would tell their Mother,

The crow turned into the setting Sun Light & was Gone.

The End!

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