The Abattoir pt2
The Abattoir pt2  life stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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As the lorry went under the Metal Sign the Stench of Death was Waiting!

The Abattoir pt2

As the Lorry juddered to a stop once again in the Endless Que of traffic the Pollution from the cars & lorries filled their Metal Transport box like a Gas chamber, it was Horrendous,

their Eyes started watering & their Throats were Sore from the Toxins, it was a Depressing sight looking out from their Temporary Prison onto this Human Metropolis after their Beautiful field that they were taken from & separated from their Mother only a few hours before,

But most of all they were Missing their Mothers love.

The reality that they were playing freely with the Sun on their backs was Now but a Distant memory, they would give anything to get back to their old life,

there were No birds singing or Rabbits playing in this Man made Human existence, even the few Tree’s & flowers by the side of the road looked ill from Pollution,

what sort of World do Humans live where they take the life of Animals to feed their own Existence?

there was No Magic in this Dark existence, Just Hordes of People Going through their daily Motions with No clue on how they should be working in Harmony with Nature to create a Better world for Everyone, it was very Sad & most of all Depressing,

it was a living, Breathing HELL.

The Lambs said No more for the Time being & were Lost in their own Thoughts but as they Both looked out the window once more Below them they both noticed a little Girl waving & smiling at them from Her seat in

the Back of the car, she was Telling her mummy to look up at the Pretty lambs!

She carried on waving & smiling as the traffic slowly began to move Once more & Just before she went out of sight she blew a Kiss to the lambs & said Good bye, then she was Gone.

The Lambs turned to each other Happy in the fact that they had bought such joy to someone so young who was Not Blighted by life’s Evil just yet,

she was full of Love unlike most Adults who are Corrupted & Conditioned by Greed & Hate.

As the Lorry slowly carried on its way through the Built up City the Lambs looked out of their windows watching people Rushing about coming in and out of shops with Bags Full to the Brim, people Everywhere were speaking into something Held in their Hand & Didn't even look where they were Walking?

What Strange creatures Humans are the Lambs Thought to themselves!

It wasn’t long until the Lorry was Heading out of the City once more past more Houses piled One on Top of Each other, then Trading Estates & Finally more Factories Billowing Poisons into the air, in the Far Distance they could just make out a Dark Brooding building sat Away from

Everything else surrounded by a Tall Metal Fence, it had a Gloom about it that was almost Tangible & High above its Roof were Black clouds that had Amassed in Anticipation.

The Lorry took a Right turn & went down a Pot Holed road where the Lambs were Thrown from Side to side like Rag Dolls until the Lorry took a left turn & there about 100 yards in front of them were Huge Metal Double Gates & over the Top of

the Gates was an Arch & written on the Arch were the words in Bold cast Iron Lettering “ABATTOIR”.

And No sooner had they gone underneath that Foreboding Arch the Stench started to came thought the Metal window slots & it Hit their Senses like a Hammer,

it was like it had been waiting for them to Cross under its letters & Only the cast Iron had somehow kept the Evil Stench at Bay within it confines, It was Horrendous!

As the wind Gust in through the Lorries windows once more the Smell of Death & Decay sent the Lambs into a Panic, they could smell Deaths Hand & the Lambs started Bleating & Shaking in Utter Terror,

but Worst of all they could hear the Screams of other Animals in the Distance, Dying Animals! it was like something from the Never world, the Smell of Blood Burnt at their Noses & the Taste of Death made them Sick!

The Lambs all knew there would be No escape from this HELL & they All started crying in Unison.

As the lorry pulled up alongside the Metal pens it Ground Reluctantly to a Halt with a Loud Hiss, it was as if even the Lorry could feel the Negativity of being in this place of Total Decay & Didn't want to Stop!

The Lambs could hear the Screams & Cries once more of other Animals Pleading for Their Life, their Screaming was Amplified as it Echoed Round the Metal Box which the Lambs were still imprisoned in for what seemed an age But Eventually the Screams slowly stopped & then there was Silence once more.

The screeching of Metal locks being pulled open Broke the Lambs from their spell, But their Eyes told the Truth of the Horrors they Had just had to Endure & as

the Lorry driver pulled the final Latch across & the Door slowly swung down it Let in a Gloom of Utter Despair, there at the Ready was the Farmer waiting with his helper,

Both Men had Big canes in their hands just in case the Lambs Stampeded in a False Hope that they could Escape from this Hell,

the Lambs started to slowly unload until a few started to Panic & then there was a Mass Rush, the Farmer & his helper were Frantically Hitting out in Every Direction trying to keep control of the Lambs, it was Chaos,

a few Lambs tried to Jump to Freedom but landed with a heavy Thud onto the Hard concrete floor below, one had Broken its leg & was Rolling round in Bleats of pain but their was to be No Escape.

Before long they were all unloaded and standing there in a Metal fenced holding pen, their were still Screams for Help but the majority of Lambs knew there was little point as there was going to be No Saviour.

Looking Down from His perch on top of the Farmers Lorry was a Crow who had just landed there in Time to Bear Witness to all the Madness that had ensued Below.

He was Totally Exhausted from his long flight from the Lambs field but he had made a Promise to himself to stay with them until it was All over & he was going to keep it Tired or Not!

He could see the Brother & Sister Huddled together in the corner of the pen, The crow had known them since Birth,

He had witnessed the Trauma of their Mother giving Birth from High up in the old Oak Tree looking down from a Branch,

He watched them come into this world perfect & Full of Life & he wont desert them now, as the Crow looked on he could see the Tears streaming down their Faces & their Bodies shaking in Fear.

The Crow decided to bide his time & waited for the Farmer & his helper to disappear before he Flew down to speak to them,

the Crow knew he wouldn’t have long to talk to the Lambs before the Farmer came back & he would have to leave.

The moment soon came & the Crow quickly flew down & landed on the fence right by the two Lambs & Squawked loudly to get their attention, they both looked up at him with sombre Blood shot watery eyes,

their Bodies were still shaking with Fear but their tears had almost ran Dry,

they had Exhausted all their Energy & had no fight left in their young Bodies for they already knew their Destiny & it was just a matter of time before it was All over

& they Drew their last Breath.

As the Crow looked down he spoke to them in his Soft caring voice, I saw you Both born into this world on a Cold clear night, I saw your Mothers struggle & delight at your Birth,

I saw the Moon light shine onto your Beautiful faces, & I witnessed your Mothers joy at her children, her Love for you is without question,

her Eyes shone like Diamonds in the night sky at your Beauty & her Heart wept with pain & sadness at the same time for she knew this day would come.

Listen to what I have to say Children for time is short,

I am a Wise old Crow & I know this place is Hell of that there is No question but after the Horrors in which you will endure in that building of Death your Pure soul will leave your Mortal body for that is Certain

but do Not Despair as your soul will be bathed in pure light,

you will be Free from this Evil Existence for Ever & go to a place where there is No pain & No suffering at the Hands of these Primitive Humans who think they are the Kings of

this world.

Yes they will feast on your Pure Flesh but I Guarantee they will suffer Great pains for their Wrong doing & when their Time comes "Which it Will" their souls will have been Blackened & they will go to their

Own Endless Hell which they can Not escape, the Demons of the Underworld will Feast on their Rotting Flesh & Tear it from Every Bone!

They will Not be allowed Forgiveness for their Sins for they have Failed to see the True purpose of their Existence, & they will be stuck in Darkness for Eternity,

they Made their choice in Life & chose to Eat from Satan’s Table & Now they Must pay the price for Their Ignorance,

It doesn’t matter how loud they Scream for Forgiveness there will be No saviour for them, their only company will be the Endless Darkness & Despair in this Hell of their own making.

The lambs looked up at the Crow & thanked him for his friendship & Wisdom, then they asked the Crow one last thing!

The Crow looked down at them with his Dark eyes & said of course,

Could you make sure you tell our Mother we Love her with all our Heart & we shall wait for her in the Great pool of light for when her Time comes & we shall be Together Once more.

Yes said the Crow I will make sure she knows your kind words I promise & at that moment Loud voices approached & the Lambs eyes Glazed over once more with Fear.

The Crow said remember what I told you!

Goodbye Amber & Goodbye Jasper as he took off back to his vantage post on top of the lorry, His Final words echoed back,

Remember I will stay with you till the End & wont leave you till you have taken your last Breath & your Pure Hearts have stopped Beating & I see your Beautiful Souls head into the Great Light!

Do Not fear Death were the very Last words they heard from their friend the Crow.

Amber & Jasper stood there shaking as the Farmer & his helper & the two Slaughter Men approached,

the Slaughter men were in white overalls but they were more Red than white because of the Blood that was Splattered all over them,

they were Laughing & Joking with the Farmer but the overalls showed their True Nature, they are Nothing but Mindless Murderers said Amber as she struggled to hold back the Tears,

you are right said Jasper how can Anyone in their right Mind do such a Job? they are just Sadistic Monsters to enjoy this work!.


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