The Abattoir pt 1 of 3.
The Abattoir pt 1 of 3. life stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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This is No Faerie Tale!

The Abattoir pt 1 of 3.

The day started much the same as all the other days in this Lambs short life,

she woke from the warmth of her Mothers oily coat which she had snuggled up into Every evening since her birth when Darkness fell over the land.

Her Mothers body offered warmth & protection from the cold bitter wind of a spring night & protection from the Fox who was always on the prowl once darkness fell looking for a cheap meal for

her three cubs who demanded fresh meat to feed their growing bodies.

As she got up & stretched to a New dawn the Sun was just coming up over the Hills on the horizon,

her Brother was already up as always & was busy playing chase with some of the other Lambs along the hedgerow at the bottom of the field without a care in the world.

As she stood looking at her surroundings she Shivered slightly as a slight gust blew up the bank carrying the mornings Chill,

she lowered her head & looked down at her Mother who was still resting , she moved closer & lowered her head & gave her Mother a gentle kiss on her face as she did every Morning & Evening,

her Mother was one of the older Ewes in the flock & had given birth on Three separate occasions already,

her first two Lambs had perished in the Bitter winter of that year & she had never truly gotten over the shock of her loss & it was made all the worst because the Fox had taken her

little Dead girl in his mouth to Feed his own hunger. She quite often wakes in the night bleating at the Horror which she witnessed that Night which still Haunts her sleep.

The other two births of Lambs went slightly better but they were all Taken away from her before she could see them grow into Adulthood,

She had thought they had maybe gone to another part of the Farm but had heard Rumours of a fate Far Worse but refused to listen to the Gossiping Rabbits of the hedge row as it was just a

too Dark a Tale to believe.

The morning was spent near to her Mother who was busy grazing, it was truly a quite Beautiful morning,

the Sun was now full in the sky with only a few fluffy clouds intermittently blocking its warm rays,

its Warmth soon made her feel like taking a rest so she let her Mother carry on eating & she nestled down into a ball & basked in the warmth of the Sun & soon fell fast asleep.

She hadn’t been asleep long when she was woken by the Loud noise of a Lorry pulling up in the country road below, the Farmer jumped out the truck & opened up the Rusty Gate to the field,

its squeaking Hinges were enough to make all the Sheep look up & and Break out in a chorus of bleats Warning that Humans had arrived & All the sheep knew No Good can come from Their presence.

The Lorry pulled slowly into the corner of the field while the Farmer closed the Gate firmly behind it,

his two sheep dogs were waiting patiently for their Master offering encouragement with loud Barks, Drooling Tongues & wagging tails.

The Lamb noticed her Mother was trembling with Fear, what is Wrong mother its only the Farmer & his helper?

I know,I know she said, but I think its different this time as they have bought that Lorry with them instead of the land rover, what do you mean she asked?

Children I have seen this lorry before and it takes the Lambs off in its Enclosed walls.

The Lambs looked at each other in Horror, you mean the Lorry has come to take us away from you Mother?

Yes children we Don’t have long left Together before we will be separated Forever!

you mean we will Not see you Again, Yes children that is correct she Bleated as her Eyes started filling with tears, but Mother we don’t want to leave you!

Children you won’t have any choice the Farmers Dogs will round you up & Herd you into the Lorry, there is No Escape.

But we both love you why would the Farmer do such a thing she asked as the Tears could be held back no longer & started to flow freely down her face, how long do we have left with you she asked?,

Not long her Mother replied, they shall take you shortly just don’t try to Run from the Farmers Dogs when they send them to round us up otherwise they will Bite you!

just do as I say & try Not to Panic.

As the Three of them looked on at their Human captives below the Sun broke through once more from behind a cloud & Bathed them in its Warm rays and lit up their Faces & in

that Moment No words were needed, they just stood in silence.

It felt like Hours they stood enjoying their last moments But it was probably only minutes before the Farmer gave his Dogs the command & they sprang to Attention,

his Whistling commands set them off in different directions up either side of the bank to circle round the back of the Flock,

All the sheep started Bleating in Fright as the Dogs raced up either side of the bank & closed in behind them,

in a matter of minutes all the Sheep & Lambs were being Herded down the bank in a Stampeding flock.

The sheep dogs Barked at them Every time their Master blew his whistle, they were soon rounded up into the Metal pen, the Air was stagnant from their Body heat,

their Mother managed to protect them as best she could from the Crush but the Heat & Noise was almost unbearable as Lambs screamed for there Mothers as they were separated & Herded into

the back of the Lorry, you could hear the Lambs cries for Help but their Mothers could only look on helplessly from the other side of the Fence,

as the Farmer got closer their Mother gave her children one last kiss Goodbye & said she would Never Forget them, both Lambs cried out at their impending loss,

then before they had time to calm themselves the Farmer had hold of her Brother by the Cuff of his Neck & pulled him away & shooed him up the Ramp into the back of the Lorry with a Crack on

the Back from the Farmers cane for Good measure.

Their Mother bleated out in Anger at the Farmer for Hitting her Son also she knew her Daughter would be Next, they kissed one final time with Streaming eyes ,

her Mothers salty tears stayed on her mouth as the Farmer Grabbed her with his Ruff hands & she was torn from her Mother for the Last Time.

The Farmer soon finished his job & was quickly closing the back of the Lorry to the Lambs child like cries.

The Lambs were about to set off on their first & Final trip, the Lorry burst into life Belching Black diesel plumes into the clear sky,

the Black fumes took the form of Dark clouds & swirled around & into the back of the Lorry like a Warning of an impending Doom,

the Lorry slowly started to move & did a Wide arc in the field as it levelled itself to get through the narrow Gateway, the Two Lambs never saw their Mother again.

As the lorry slowly wound its way through the narrow Country lanes,

a lot of the Lambs were still Bleating their Misery in Loud cries others were sticking their noses out the small letter box windows Gasping for some Fresh Air,

the Heat even though the Lorry was moving was still Stifling & Claustrophobic & the Smell of Ammonia from the Lambs Urine’s made their eyes water & Throats gag.

Finally the Lorry made its way out of the narrow country lanes with its Beautifully Trees & hedges leaving behind Natures tranquillity to settle back into its Natural Rhythm.

The Lorry turned out of the lane & onto a very busy main road with lots of cars & lorries Thundering along like life’s very Existence depended on it,

The Green fields were soon replaced by Built up areas Full of Factories spewing out Poisons into the sky & then there were Sprawling Housing estates as far as the Eye can see,

the Lambs looked at each other & thought how can people live like that with no space to Breathe?.

Finally the Lorry entered the outskirt of a busy City as the Lorry slowly come to a Halt in the Endless Traffic it finds itself momentary stopped opposite a Massive supermarket where Humans

were Busy loading their cars Full of Shopping & all around the Massive car park were Banners offering special offers on all sorts of Goods & Products, it was Endless!

But then she Noticed the Banner with a picture, it was a picture of an Animal & Meat, She shook her Head in Disbelief, surley its Not ANIMAL Meat?

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, surly Humans Don’t Eat Animal Flesh?

that would be Barbaric wouldn’t it She thought to Herself!

As the lorry slowly moved once more she called to her Brother to come & look quickly & try to make Sense of what was on the Banner,

as soon as He made it to her side the Banner she had first Read was now just out of sight behind them But the Horror of what Happened next made her turn Ghostly Pale.

The next Advertising Banner had a Face of a Lamb on it and Two Legs of Lamb! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE it said!

She looked at her Brother in Total SHOCK & was Sick on the spot.

Her Brother Stared at the Banner for what seemed an age & when He Finally turned to his Sister his Eyes were Filled with Tears & his face was Pale as he stood Shaking Transfixed to the spot.

They both looked at Each other in Disbelief Not knowing what to say & as They stood there an ice Cold breeze swept through the window & sent a Shiver down their spines.

It was her Brother who spoke First, surely we have Read that Wrong He said to his Sister? Why would Humans want to Eat our FLESH? No we Must be wrong She replied why would they Need to?

Surely they would live off the land like Us & Eat corn out of the Fields, Fruit off the Trees & Berries out of the Hedge rows?

She looked at her Brother who was in Deep thought & waited for Him to speak Once more. If that Banner is correct He said then that can only Mean one Thing He said in a Broken Solemn voice?.


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