Spiral into Spiral
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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Spiral into spiral through the Mist

Spiral into Spiral

Spiral into spiral through the Mist I Roam following the same Trodden Path I've often Roamed, for Time after time I Know I've been here following Ego's course that Never becomes clear,

As I Stagger along this Ancient path its crumbling sharp Edges are Tearing at My heart,

Fear over takes me like it has many times before as Screaming Voices start Mocking from behind Minds closed Door,

I Feel Bony Fingers Grasping from my right Biding their time to push Me to my Plight, Their Voices turn into Laughter as I Remember my Mistakes Pushing me ever closer but then its Too late,

Falling & falling into that Dark Void once more I know what will Happen when I Hit that Cold Floor, Spiral into spiral on this Never Ending path Making more Mistakes as the Hidden Voices Laugh!..

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