Silent Screams "Anxiety"
Silent Screams
    "Anxiety" life stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Silent Screams "Anxiety"

My Throat feels Crushed as I struggle for air as those Bony fingers are Once more Gripped Firmly round my neck like a vice, my chest is heaving as my Heart pleads for 0xygen,

I try to Swallow but End up Gagging on my tongue as it try's to close off the air way at the back of my Throat.

My mouth and lips are sealed like Stone as my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth like Velcro, it is like it is being held by an unseen Force, I plead for Forgiveness as I try to open my mouth one last time, i'm

struggling for Breath, I feel the skin on my lips stretch like a Web as I Desperately try to open my mouth for Air, but the Elasticated strands hold it firm until Finally it breaks free of its spell and I can Gasp in air Once more, but the

Anxiety keeps flowing its invisible Energy uncontrolled through my body. I want to scratch and Tear at my skin, I want to Rip the flesh from my bones, but there is no saviour from

this sentence, I can't Stop it's Endless flowing, my incarcerated shell Bleeds pain until there is nothing else to give, I am Exhausted,

this Invisible Force uses my Body as its Host, Eating me away from the inside out & leaves

my Body limp and lifeless like an 0ld doll.

I sit here Scared to Death and Don't want to move a muscle just in case I have to go through this Ritual one more time,

hopefully I will be Allowed a rest for a short while as I feel too weak to Fight this never Ending Battle.

This Dark invisible force enjoys my suffering like a vampire Draining Blood, my life force is the Fuel to it's own Existence!

I'm just a Slave to it's Deprived Demands, I can't fight off this invisible Beast who hides in the shadows of my Mind much longer,

it's presence is forever Smothering & Choking me of Life,

i feel like I'm Dying.

My only Escape will be when I have Nothing left to give to this Demon, then when it Realises I am Drained of life it will push me over the Edge into that Dark Bottomless Chasm on which I stand on the Brink of,

my Screams will only be heard by Myself as I fall into the Never Ending Darkness.

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