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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Tear the Rotting Flesh from my Bones


Tear the Rotting Flesh from my Cancerous Bones, life's Poisons have Decayed all that was Once Pure and even the Marrow has turned a Hardened Black from the Horrors Life has Made Me Endure in this Existence.

Not even the Starving Crows would Touch this Contaminated Meat that is my home. I Scream out in Desperation as my Nails Rip & Tear at my Flesh like Frenzied Beasts trying to Rid this Carcass of all its Pain, I feel Skin part from Bone,

I can Taste Iron on my lips as the Dark crimson Blood flows freely from my torn Veins, I feel Life's Mask slowly start to slip, I can Smell the Contaminated putrid Air that has Smothered Me, Decaying my Mind like a Virus &

Finally I feel my Soul Break free from these Chains which have Held me for So long. As I look down at the Remains of my kingdom all I see is an Empty Broken shell where Hope Once lived, there is No Sad farewell just an overwhelming Relief that this Death sentence of Life is Finally over.

As I look up I see my Guardian Angel floating Down Wings open ready to carry my Broken Soul home Once more in this Endless cycle of Samsara.

The Pure light of Heaven is shining down, the Gates are Open awaiting my Return into its all consuming Emptiness, there will be No more Pain & suffering to Endure this time around as my Soul slowly gets absorbed from whence it was Born like a particle of Sand into its Endless ocean &

Finally I'm home Once more, Until the Again!

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