Number of the Beast "13"
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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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I was Born into Pain & Conditioned to be a Slave.

Number of the Beast "13"

I was Born into this world Not the usual way but was Ripped out of her Belly one Dark Winter’s Night & saved the ordeal of a Natural Birth if you can even call it that!

But at least I didn’t have to go down that Dark claustrophobic tunnel which I wasn’t really designed to fit down.

The First thing I remember on entering this world was a Hard slap by a Heavy hand, It Almost stopped my Heart & I let out a Shriek at the Top of my voice but it would be the First of Many!

But this fist one let me know of what sort of world I had been Born into.

The air in that room Tasted of a mixture of Blood, Sweat & something Intangible like it had a life, a Brooding all of its own, It was Horrendous, was I in some sort of Hellish Nightmare?

My heart was racing and felt like it would at any moment Burst out from my tiny chest,

but I was about to get an answer to my questioning Mind quite quickly as cold hands lifted my Naked body and put me down on what felt like Blades,

the Cotton in the towel was old & worn where it had been used Many times before for this same purpose & I was just one more of its Victims.

I was Rubbed vigorously like I was contaminated in some way, the Ruff fibres Tore at my delicate skin like Rusty old Razor Blades & made my soft delicate skin Red & Blotchy in protest.

They say Babies are born into this World pure but I already had a Bad Taste in my stomach, Was it from those Endless cups of Coffee which were forced upon me?

Or that stale Smokey taste that made me Gag in my Temporary home that was Far worse than that sour Dark drink?

The taste of those Fire sticks Choking me almost to Death before I was even born still Haunts me to this day.

Why would someone want to do such a Destructive thing? was it because they were just Stupid, or was it just because they just Didn’t care for their unborn?

But I was just about to feel the cold hands of Truth to my Questioning mind.

I was handed to my Mother or should I say “Maker” but there was No love, No connection,

just the Coldness from those firm weathered hands as she held me there looking at me like some heartless Machine in a Factory.

I stared up into her eyes But there was Nothing there Only a Deep Void filled with a Never ending Darkness.

I was quickly passed back to the Nurse with piercing Green eyes & Grey Greasy hair who briefly held me as I was passed along the Production line to a Tall thin man in a White & Red splattered Cloak.

His eyes were Gleaming, Not with kindness, But with a Perverse look of what he was about to do to me!

I was laid out on a Metallic tray like a piece of Meat, even the Ruff towel wasn’t laid out to protect me from the Coldness of the Surgical steel, I could feel my skin Stick to it like ice,

my Blood instantly ran Cold through my veins & I started to shiver & shake in shock!.

As I led there on my back looking up at the Bright Light above my head I wished it could offer me some Warmth to my chattering body but it was of little comfort as thoughts raced through my Mind once more

“ is this really what Life’s all about?”.

As I lay there freezing for what seemed an age I imagined what I would do if I was Granted Just one wish?

I would surely wish to be wrapped in a Fresh towel & get some Warmth into my Naked skin, but I soon got some warmth and it wasn’t from my Wish being Granted!

The Pain Hit me like a Hammer blow, it was Unbearable, it was Torture, I let out a Scream so Loud I thought my Brain would Explode through the soft spot on my head, I thought I was going to Die!

The Red Hot Branding Iron was held Firmly on my chest for what felt like minutes But must have been only seconds, I could Smell the Burning Flesh,

I could feel the Bubbling of my tender skin as it made its mark!

Then Everything went Dark as I passed out from this Evil Reality I had been Born into & I was Floating in what felt like Space, there were Glittering stars all around me,

Millions of them lighting up the Dark expanse, I no longer felt any Pain or cold, was I Dead?.

When I eventually awoke Back into this Reality I thought it had just been a Horrible Nightmare, that was until I felt the Throbbing on my chest.

I touched my chest with my tiny fingers & I could feel the Raw Inflamed Raised skin, it was Burning & Tender to touch.

I could feel it was some sort of Inscription written into my skin & it would be many more years until I realised what it meant, But I now know what the Branding is for!

it is my Number & its something we All get at Birth.

“My Number is GBH:F13TH”

.........Welcome To HELL SLAVES!......

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