Life is Pain.
Life is Pain. anxiety stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Life is Pain.

Life is full of Hardship & Pain & Eventually it will Grind you Down no Matter how much you fight the Darkness of Existence.

As my Physical and Mental health wavers & illness takes a Firm Hold

the invisible Voices spawn & Dominate my 0nce strong mind & slowly Grind it to Dust as Shadows form all around me Mocking at my weakness, feeding off my Thoughts,

There is no Escape from their constant Bombardment in my Mind, I Try to read a book but the words start to slowly Melt down the page like Molten wax so I just put headphones on instead & Turn the Music up Loud to suffocate their Endless Torment!

Its like i'm in a living Hell, my Flesh feels like it is being Torn from my Bones by a pack of Ravens while the Voice’s Scream their approval.

This chaos is all I now know as this inner War battles on indefinitely, my Mind is slowly Crumbling, i'm going Insane, I Hide under the sheets with Only the Darkness as my salvation..

There are No Rules in this game of Ghosts, The Road I travel is a Dark lonely place which is full of Pain and suffering.

I can tell as many people as I like of the Horrors I have to Endure each day, but No one can truly understand as I Smile this False smile in Vain,

I am being Consumed from the Inside out & the Cracks and Scars on my skin are Testament to my Fight in this Hell where there can be No Escape until I Draw my last Breath!

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