Fake Clowns
 Fake Clowns fake clowns stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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No Point Weeping you Pale Faced Clowns

Fake Clowns

No Point Weeping you Pale Faced Clowns, You sat Back & Watched as they Tore Our world down. Laughter turned to Lies like Black Magic before your Eyes with a New Trick so Slick it All but Defies.

A New World is here all Scared & covered, No words are Now spoken because you are All Muzzled. Eyes are Empty & Glazed in Fear of this Unseen thats meant to be near.

Life used to be for living but Not anymore, Do as your told or they will come knocking on your door. Can you Not see its All an illusion you have Nothing to Fear apart from Their Designed confusion. You are under a Spell make no mistake, you must wake up Now before its too late.

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