"Desperation" a Dream.
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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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a Nightmare at Devils Hour!

"Desperation" a Dream.

As I run the Rusty Blade over my Withered broken skin, I can feel the Coldness of steel between my Finger tips,

I hear Voices of Encouragement to Dig Deeper as I run the worn Blade slowly up my arm, I feel its Pain as it Tears and rips my skin apart,

the Voices Scream into a frenzy as Blood starts to flow freely from my severed Vein's knowing this is the Start of the End to

this Hell in which I live, a life of little joy & mostly Pain.

The unjust's of this corrupted Rotting world with its biased Rules and Laws which are set by the few & have to be Abided by the Many have been Chiselled into our Brains since birth,

their Greed and Hate for us sucks at our living Essence while they Feed off our backs Sweat.

The Dark clouds which swirl above my Broken Mind are full of moisture, Tears are waiting to Rain down at life's Unjust's,

the Thunder tries to wake us from our waking slumber as Lightning Flashes once more trying to make Everyone see their plight through the Darkness, but they won't see as they are Blinded by Conditioning

their eyes have been Firmly Sewn shut to life's Truths.

I cry out in Despair at this Worthless existence, this Container in which we are imprisoned, the place we call home,

its Rusted & riddled surface is filled with Holes bleeding its Dark rusty decay in silence.

I feel myself slowly calm as the Poisons of this life leave through my torn veins, I feel a strange Relief as I watch them swim on my River of blood as I Slowly empty,

a Peaceful calmness ensue's over my Broken shell, the voices that have Tormented for so long No longer have their Hooks firmly fixed into my Broken soul,

their Jumbled words are now all but letters Drowning upon a sea of Tainted blood in Dark pools around my feet.

As I slowly edge from this life, my Memories of this existence Flash before my eyes, I see all of this lifetime like a film Reel,

Memories I had long Forgotten about are Once more there before me to see for One last time.

I see life's love's and life's Mistakes which had been filmed in secret Waiting for this very moment,

I have no time for Regrets at my Failures or successes as its all History now & can Not be changed, I whisper for forgiveness at my Mistakes but there is No acknowledgement to my words.

I will Leave this world as I came into it, on my Own, walking this lonely road Full of shadows,

I feel Cold, my heart's racing trying to pump the last drops of blood that are left in my body, my eyes feel Heavy like lead, it wont be long until Death has taken me in his Grasp, I can see his Shadow spread across the ceiling above my head, His presence is Tangible,

I stare in silence as my life's film reel flickers to an Abrupt End & as my Eyes close from this existence his shadow Wraps around my Broken body and takes me from this world in which I was Encaged. Then I awake Once more!

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