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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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I woke with a start,

Death's Hand

I Woke with a START!

Not quite Awake but not quite asleep, I lay Pinned to the mattress, Gripped with Fear, the weight of the sheets felt like I was Wrapped in Chains, the Coldness of Metal was holding me Tight within this Prison of My Minds own making.

As my Eyes struggle to adjust from this Sudden unwanted Awakening I could see the Darkness of the night Creep slowly into the room & mingle with Unwanted Shadows within its Gloom.

The Piercing sound of the Church Bells split the Night striking Three times sending shivers down my spine,

with Senses on overload & a Racing Mind I Desperately try to calm myself on this stormy Winters night, the Wind was Screaming its Anger in Great Gusts,

its Breath blowing Black and Grey clouds like confetti across the nights sky, I could feel my Eyes Darting back & forth in their sockets as I looked out the window & into the Darkness,

It was then in the Gloom of that Room that I sense a presence, a Dark Brooding Form standing there Just Watching Me! are My Eyes playing Tricks with me I ask ? I desperately try to Focus as it silently looks on from the corner of the room,

but before I can it just mingles in with the Shadows to form a indistinguishable Black mass, But I can still feel its Stare, I can sense its Hollow eyes penetrating into my soul as it just Watches on in silence.

My breath is cold as ice, the exhaled vapour forms into Frozen spirals in front of my eyes, a Sharp shiver goes through my body once again as I Gasp for air, its coldness cuts at my throat like a Knife.

My mind is in a whirlwind of confusion, am I really Awake or is this just a Nightmare? I hear a Fox cry out close by, can it some how sense the presence of "Death" on his nightly rounds?

it all falls Silent apart from the Branches of the Trees outside my window Dancing in the Wind creating an Eerie lullaby & Silhouettes upon the walls & ceiling of that bedroom. Eventually Tiredness took over my Mind once more & I slowly fell back into a Restless sleep.

But Death is patient and as he watched on he knew he had Time on his side unlike my Mortal body, he will wait till my time has come, just waiting silently in the Shadows of the night, staring at his Future Prey like a Predator, with his Bony

fingers Hidden beneath his Black cloak just waiting to Strike and Grasp my vacating soul for Eternity.............

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