Death Trails
Death Trails chemtrails stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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As Reality Dawns!

Death Trails

The Once Blue Skies that are Smothered with Poisons is Now the New Norm in this Reality in Which we live, Lines of White are Sprayed in Every direction as Far as the "0PEN" Eye can see.

As the Chemtrails quickly Spread open their Wings of Death they Turn the sky into a solid Blanket of Filth wrapping around us like an Unseen Mist which slowly chokes our Hearts and Destroy's our Minds. The planet as we know it is in its Last Days but the Majority are too Blind to See & too Stupid to care, its Almost too Late as a Few slowly begin to Open their Eyes! But by

then the world is Falling apart & soon there will be Nothing left apart from the Screams of Humanity as they plead for Salvation, their Pleas would quickly be Drowned out by the sound of Trumpets from the Heavens above! You Have been Warned, its Time to "AWAKE" Before its Too Late as their will be No Redemption!

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