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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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The year is 2046

Death Trails.

The year is 2046 I am getting Old & Frail, I Don't have long to live, I have seen many changes in my lifetime where our Planet has changed beyond all Recognition.

This is my Statement on what Happened & Must be Heard!

No one can quite remember when they first noticed what was happening but it was far too late when they Finally Opened their Eyes & Looked up into the Skies above their Heads.

I First Noticed long before the Majority of the "Slaves" But because I was lets say "Different", Everyone would just laugh at me & Think I was a Nut case,

Which I kind of was, But BLIND I wasn't. Those who would listen to me "There Weren't Many" wouldn't even look up for themselves & the odd one that did would come out with the same Thing.

The year I Noticed is so long ago now it's just a Distant memory & this Planet was a very Different place then, than it is Now but the wheels had been put in Motion long before that what the Elite wanted for this Planet.

There's so Much I want to say but it Doesn't matter now as Things can't go back to how they Once were, what's Done is done, things couldn't be unchanged Even if they wanted them to be but I Must tell you how it got to where it is Now.

In the world I now live Everything is Rationed or No longer made, There are No Shops to shop in, Everything is provided by the Government. Freedom No Longer Exists, You do as They Say or Face the Penalty,

If you are foolish enought to Commit a Crime you're Guilty & the Punishment is Quick, you are taken to the Surface where you will perish!

I remember before All this Darkness what life was like so at least I lived a little in the light!

Not like Now where children Never see the light of day & there is only Artificial lighting, there is No sun where we now live it's just Miles & miles of Fabricated lighting.

As I sit here writing the Memories are Flooding Back on how my life used to be, I used to sit in my Garden & Hear the Birds singing, Watching them Gliding through the sky on warm Summer days,

Bee's flying in & out of Flowers collecting pollen.

Ooh & that beautiful Green & Purple Dragonfly that made life so Magical, I can still see it Now after all these years, It was like a Dream.

I closed my eyes & Felt the Warm breeze on my face & listened to the Trees gently Blowing & Rustling their tune as Apples & Plumbs grew on there Branches, I can still taste there Sweet Taste, it was Heaven.

It was as I sat in my Garden looking up at the Blue Sky that I First Noticed those Solid White lines in the sky,

how those Harmless looking lines would change Everything that we took for Normality.

But they were Clever how they did it, It wasn't done over night, it was was done over years, Tens of years, They where patient!

They had Time on their side & slowly put their Evil Plan to work so the Majority wouldn't Notice & those that did were called Uneducated or a Conspiracy Theroist like myself,

they would come out with the same Mantra that it was Only Water Vapour or UnBurnt Fuel! How that Used to make me Mad!

Every time they sprayed the Skies my throat got Sore & my Chest would go Tight & There was Always that Awful Taste & Smell! Was I the Only one who was Affected?

The Majority of Humanity were Far too Busy worrying about what they could Waste their Hard Earned Money on,

Or what was the latest story line on their Favourite Soap on Tv & that's Exactly how the Elite got away with it for so long.

But just to make sure No one would Notice they Filled our Tv screens with Endless Headlines on Wars on Terror & Winter Flu Pandemics or Anything Else they could Think of,

By the time they were finished the Majority of the population was so Scared of their own Shadow they Daren't Question Anything.

Our Government was Taking away our Freedom More & more each day with New Laws, So what was ok today was a Crime by Tomorrow.

Everyone was Scared to say Anything, Freedom of Speech was Now a Thing of the past it was now a Crime.

There were Cameras Everywhere, on every Street, in every Shop & on every Road watching our Every move, it was "BIG BROTHER" Society to the Extreme,

people were Encouraged to Report each other on the most Pathetic of Things but soon there were far Bigger things to worry about as Thousands of people started Falling ill,

Not just the young & Old but the Healthy too.

The Government Didn't Blame Geoengineering for people getting sick they said it was from unhealthy living, Eating & Drinking the Wrong Foods they said.

it was only later we learnt All our Food & Water had been contaminated for Years,

but the main cause of illness was from the Heavy Metals & Poisons they had been Spraying on Us for years in those Death Trails.

They Sprayed Day & Night, the Sky was full of Fake Clouds, if the Sun Ever showed its Face they would just Chemtrail it out!

the Air was Toxic with Pollution, The Metals they sprayed made the Air ice Cold even in the Summer!

Then there were Freak Weather Events starting All over the World, Flash Floods, Hurricanes with Deadly Electrical Storms, Tornadoes, Killer Heat Waves,

Hail storms with ice Balls the size of Oranges, on top of that there were Earthquakes & Volcanoes going off All around the world, it was Frightening Times, there were Power Cuts constantly,

then contaminated Water Supplies & to finish it off the Food Shortages started! Crime was Now Rife, It was Very Dangerous times, people were scared for their lives.

You just didn't know what would happen next.

The Chemtrails had now Killed off 99% of Insects & millions of Trees had Died, Food would No longer Grow as the soil was so contaminated, Disease Spread like the Plague,

so many People were Dying that their Bodies had to be Dumped in Piles at Designated Points to be collected But they Never were,

the Stench of Rotting Diseased Flesh was riddled with Rats who Thrived on Death'

The Skies Were a Purple Blue & Magenta with Electrical Storms Cracking their Whips in Anger, The Rain was Acidic & would Burn Anything it Touched & the Air was Unbreathable,

Meteor showers filled the Night Sky while Silhouetted Buildings took on forms of Monsters, Everything was Black, the only Colour was the Cocktail in the Sky,

the Sun as we knew it No longer Existed so Days & Nights were Just Mingled as One, under that Electric Sky it was like a Twilight World, Millions Died in those First few months,

it was Total Carnage!

Eventually we had to live in the Tube Tunnels those who survived & that was almost a fate worse than Death, we were Starving, Cold, Sick & just waiting to Die.

We were eventually rescued if you can call it that by the Elite Troops who had been sent out to Find Survivors,

these Troops looked like something from a Sci Fi Movie Dressed in their Black protective Suits, they were lucky they Didn't have to Breath in the Toxic Polluted Decaying Air like us,

for the first Time in my Life I was pleased to be Rounded up like Cattle for I knew whatever they had in store for us Survivors it couldn't be any Worse than this Hell we had been living in.

We were taken via the Underground Tunnels to a Decontamination Centre where we were stripped Naked & Showered in some Chemical solution & our clothes went straight into a Furnace!

Next Everyone had their Hair shaved & was Handed some Boots & Blue Overalls with a Traingular One World Government Logo, Everyone was then ordered into lines,

Men & boys in one & Women & girls in the Other, the last line was for the very Old or Sick.

Then we were Marched into another Hangar, the Third Group went a Different way than us, I Never did see them again after that day!

We were next Shuttled to Sub levels Deep Underground, There was talk for years about the Elite Building Great Underground Cities but there was Never any Evidence to back up those Claims,

But now with my Own Eyes I could see it was True. How could No one of known this was going on Beneath their Feet?

In this New World we were still going to be used as Their "SLAVES" but that was better than Dying in those Tunnels a slow Painful Death!

We shared large Dormitories which looked like those Old Hospital Wards with their Grey Metal Beds & Dull off Colour White painted walls.

We were then Designated Jobs according to our Skill's "We weren't going to live the High Life were we" The Elite still Needed us Slaves to do their Dirty Work Didn't they.

I Ended up in Maintenance until I got too Old to do that job,

Then I was moved to where I am Now on the "Growing Team" Yes everything was Grown under Ground in Great Hangers under Led Lighting,

the Fruit & Vegetables seemed to Thrive in these Conditions.

My story is nearing its End, the old World where I Once lived was Destroyed by the Greed of the Few,

it is Uninhabitable & Not Safe to even Go up to still, Unless you're in one of those Protective Suits,

Troops were the only ones Allowed to the Surface to collect Data & samples for the Scientists Underground to Analyse.

I have been living Underground for over 30 years, I am now nearly Eighty Three years of Age and I Don't have long left my Health is Failing,

I'm Tired of this Existence my Skin has gone almost Translucent, my body is Weak & Frail, I've had Enough of this Subterranean living with its Fake lighting it is No life for Anyone,

Especially Not me who had Once lived in the world of light.

I'm so tired, so Very Tired as I lie down on my Metal bed, I slip on my Night Mask which covers my Mouth & Eyes & slowly Drift off into a Deep Sleep,

I Dream of that Beautiful Dragonfly Once more, it was the Same Recurring Dream I had most Nights, but this Night it was to be Different,

I found myself sitting Back in my Garden where I Once lived, I can see my Beautiful Wife & Three Children playing, the Trees were gently Blowing in the Warm Breeze,

I could feel the Sun's warmth on my Face!

I can see my Black & White Cat waiting for Me curled up in a Ball under the plum tree on the grass, I see Brightly coloured Flowers in full Bloom,

I could hear the Birds singing all around Me & at that moment I knew I had come Home.

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