Behind the Red Door
Behind the Red Door monster stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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There was Once

Behind the Red Door

There was Once a Dark Green Door that I stood Right before as it slowly opened silently I could see a Chequered floor, the Walls & Ceiling were Black & Cobwebbed from years of Decay &

I could Hear the Old house Whispering & creaking to its own Dismay, as I walked along so quietly the Shadows Did so Creep, I saw my Reflection Staring back at Me instead of my Feet,

with a Complexion Pale & Ghostly & lines making me Frail, I could feel the Cold air Tear at me as I Breathed in & Exhaled, at the End of the long corridor I could see a Crimson Red Door & as I Drew closer I Heard an Almighty Roar,

Claws were now Frantically Scraping from just the Other side, I listened more closely with Frozen eyes & Fear, Breath so Heavy what was I near?

Pale skeleton fingers Touched Brass so cold I Twisted the Handle & Entered the Void, Darkness cloaked around me like Utter Doom as Piercing Red Eyes lit Brightly through the Gloom,

the Beast had been Waiting for this Moment for so long, as the Door Closed behind me I Knew All would soon be Gone!.

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