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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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There was Once an Angel who was Born into this World Asleep.


There was Once an Angel who was Born into this world Asleep. She was Lifeless, Her tiny Heart had stopped Beating, her Blood had gone Cold.

Her skin was so Smooth & Translucent you could see your Reflection.

Her Face was as Beautiful as a Princess.

Her Wings were Folded Neatly on her Back with the Purest Oyster white Silky Feathers.

Her little hands had the most Gorgeous petite little Fingers.

Everything was perfect Apart from her Heart!

Why had She Given up on life before it had even

Really started?

She couldn’t of Known could she of what Horror’s this Mortal world Holds?

Maybe She did & Died of a Broken Heart because of All the Pain & suffering she saw on Earth? So she Decided an Angel of such Beauty & love would be wasted on this Plain of Existence with all its Horrors!

I will never Know why she made the choice she Did? But she Must of had her Reasons.

But i’m praying when my Time comes on this Hell on Earth she will be Waiting to Take my Broken body & Mind to a much Nicer place where there is No Pain, No Hate, No Greed & No Suffering,

a place where Everyone is treated with Respect & are Equals.

A Place where the Sun always Shines & there is No Darkness.

I Know she is there Waiting in the light, Ready to Spread her Beautiful wings & Take my broken Soul to the Next chapter of life.

I can’t wait to get away from this Madness, this Hell on earth, this place that is my Temporary home.

I have Told you part of the Story of an Angel but She wasn’t Just Anyone’s Angel she was my Angel!

Until we meet Again. Xx

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