The Pure Blood Alpha
           The Pure Blood Alpha

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It is about werewolves and it is also a love story.

The Pure Blood Alpha

Intro: In the old days, there were pure bloods by the millions. Now...there is only a select few. This is all do to humans breeding with werewolves. But even the pure left, aren't 100% pure. For there is only one of them left, but she has not discovered what she is quite yet...

Lissa's POV: Ugh..what is taking her so long? I've been waiting by my window for Abby, my bff, to come pick me up for half an hour. Finally! I thought to myself as she pulls up into the driveway. I grab my bag and rush out of my room. On my way out I tell my dad I'm going out.

He just nods, since he can't do anything now that I'm 18. Happy Birthday to me! I run to her Volkswagon Beetle and hop inside. Then I turn to her and smile. "What took you so long?" I questioned her, but then the lipstick on her neck, answered my question. I raise an eyebrow and say, "Out with Erica again, I see?" She blushes and nods.

Then we begin the drive to the party. ~~~Time Skip 20 minutes ~~~ We arrive at the party and I notice that the other people look a little strange. I raise an eyebrow at Abby and she just says, "What? Some guy at my workplace told me about it. Then he told me to bring a friend." I roll my eyes at her.

This was so like Abby. She's always hearing about parties at her work, then drags me to them. As we walk into the party people start looking at me funny. Like I looked weirder than they did. I mean, these people were wearing gothic clothes, but they also had a bit of a punk vibe going on with their outfits. While me and Abby were

walking around them in cute dresses--well, Abby was. I was dressed as I always did when going to a party in the woods. I wore a dark purple-blue blouse tucked loosely into my knee-lengthed black skirt. Under that I wore black leggings, and black boots that went just passed my calves. So in all truth, I kinda looked like one of them. Apart from my necklace.

I shrugged off their strange stares and walked with Abby up to the guy from her workplace. He was about 6' 1", and VERY good looking. His hair kinda fell over the top of one eye, and it was dark brown. His eyes were what startled me about his appearance. They were forest green, and they were beautiful. Before long, Abby cleares her throat.

She introduces me to him, after she sees him looking at me for too long. "Asher, this is my friend Lissa. Lissa, meet Asher." She pulls me closer to him. I wave my hand as an awkward hello, and his mouth twitches into a smile. But suddenly he scowls and looks past me. Confused, I turn around to see another very handsome man looking at me.

He shoots a glare at Asher and then Asher leads Abby away from me. When I try to go with her, the guy grabs my arm lightly. Then introduces himself. "Hello, miss. My name is Luca, and I was wondering if you would like dance." He then bows his head a little. Then straightens himself and offers his hand.

Shyly I move my hand into his and he pulls me into the area where everyone is dancing. After a few minutes of noticng him looking at me like everyone else did when I arrived, my eyebrows furrow. "Why does everyone here keep looking at me like that?" I snapped at him. Then I pull away, and walk deeper into the woods.

~~~~Time Skip 5 minutes~~~~ Hoping that Luca or anyone else hadn't followed me, I took off my skirt and started climbing the trees and jumping from branch to branch. I hadn't done this since I was little. Becasue my dad was so scared I would fall out of the tree and get hurt. To be honest though, I was never scared I would fall.

I laughed and started walking along a thin branch. All of a sudden the branch snaps, but not before I jump towards a branch two feet away from me. Thankfully, I land on my feet safely. After that I decided to come down, but for some reason I didnt' want to climb back down. So, I jump down. Surprisingly, I land on my feet, perfectly unhurt.

Then something behind me moves, and my body whips around to see Asher looking at me in wonder. "What were you doing so high in that tree? And why would you jump down?" He asked, but he wasn't freaked out. Just curious. I smirk and say, "You shouldn't ask a girl a question like that. Especially, this deep in the woods all alone.."

He smiles slightly and raises an eyebrow. "What ever does that mean?" Asher asks me as he closes the distance between us. My smirk disapears as I hear rustling coming from the tree above me. Quickly, I move out of the way as someone falls from the tree. They land on their feet, just as I did. But as they turned toward me, I see they have their ears

on the top of their head and they look almost like a wolf. Then they transform completely, and now they're a big brown and tan wolf. They start stalking towards me. My eyes look to Asher who is not at all surprised, but rather bored. As this creature is almost upon me, my primal insticts kick in and take over. I dodge the creature just as it pounces at me.

Then once on my feet I begin to feel something strange happen inside my body. As if I were a catapillar in a cacoon just about to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Then my eyes snap to the wolf intent on attacking me. I am now a butterfly. I feel myself transform into the same creature in front of me, on all fours. But there is a difference..

One huge difference that I notice as I look at myself. I am purely white, while the other is a bunch of other colors. What does this mean?

To Be Continued....

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