The Pure Blood Alpha Part 2
         The Pure Blood Alpha

                         Part 2 werewolves stories
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12renae Home = hell
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This is part two to The Pure Blood Alpha.

The Pure Blood Alpha Part 2

Previously: Then once on my feet I begin to feel something strange happen inside my body. As if I were a catapillar in a cacoon just about to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Then my eyes snap to the wolf intent on attacking me. I am now a butterfly. I feel myself transform into the same creature in front of me, on all fours. But there is a difference..

One huge difference that I notice as I look at myself. I am purely white, while the other is a bunch of other colors. What does this mean?

(NOW) Lissa's POV: I snarl at the other wolf, and it just stands there. Then it looks to Asher. I look to him as well. He wears a shocked and speechless expression on his face. I wasn't all that used to my new form, but I crouch down, ready to attack. Then there is a sound from behind me--a gun being loaded. Quickly, I move out of the away, as they fire a dart.

Luckily, they missed. I turn around and see Luca pointing a dart gun at me. I crouch and growl at him. "You shoot at me, and you will pay dearly!" I snarl. His eyes widened, and he loweres the gun. "Lissa..?" He mutteres. I never told him my name'd he know it? Oh well. It doesn't matter. He was literally just pointing a gun at me.

Again, I growl at him. "What is going on here? Why am I a wolf?" I was really stressed out, and I needed answers. He asks me to change back into my human form. I ask him if I would be naked when I changed back, but he just laughed. So, I began to change back, but something happened and I wasn't in the same clothes as before.

I look at my clothes and see that they have been replaced by a long white dress. It went passed my knees and a shiny silver belt went around my waist. The neckline went past my collarbone just a little. The sleeves were tight at the top, but then got loose as they went down to my wrists. The edges were glittery silver. It was beautiful, but where did it come from?

I think to myself as I admire the dress. Then I snap out of it and I look up at Luca, who is looking at the dress in a mix of shock and amazement. I turn to the other wolf and Asher. But I don't see the other wolf. I just see another guy. Him and Asher are acting just like Luca. They are gawking at me. I'm beginning to feel a little self-conscious.

I cross my arms and speak to them all. "Okay, can you all just stop looking at me like that? And can someone tell me why my clothes changed?" ----------Change of POV---------- Asher's POV: She's absolutly beautiful.. I see her cross her arms and tell us, "Okay, can you all just stop looking at me like that? And can someone tell me why my

clothes changed?" I smiled and walked closer, but then again, so did Luca. I don't trust him, even though he's our alpha. As soon as I come near Lissa, she tells me to back away. It's a good thing she doesn't know me all that well, because I'm not one to back away so easily. Not so soon. Slowly, I begin walking towards her again.

This time she doesn't stop me, but instead her expression goes blank. At first I didn't realize why--that is until I saw Luca holding the dart gun, pointing it at her. That asshole! I thought to myself. Why would he do that? She is obviously one of us. But there was something about the color of her was all white. As if she were a pure blood...

But that's impossible. All the pure bloods were gone. Unless... Maybe she was a pure blood afterall. But that means that she is the rightful leader of the packs.. My attention was brought back to the present as I saw Luca put her over his shoulder. Anxiousness ate at me and I asked him, "W-why did you shoot her? She just wanted answers. We could have

provided her the answers. Yet you shoot her! She would have come peacefully if we'd given her some information. And still you shoot her! Why?" I was outraged by his answer: "Because I am the alpha, and I may do as I please." All of a sudden I hear a groan coming from Lissa. She was already waking up! But how? Those darts work for hours on other wolves.. Then it hit me!

Maybe it was already wearing off because she wasn't like other wolves. She was wide awake now, and struggling against Luca, who had her pinned on the ground. My protective instincts kick in and I run towards her. Luca was still trying to keep her pinned down when she growled fiercely at him. Then I stopped. She punches him and gets him off of her. Then she gets

on her feet and ran towards the trees. As soon as she got to a big tree she climbed it faster than any other wolf I'd ever seen. Then she was gone. Luca called the pack to us and I walk over to him. Then I try to reason with him. "Luca, what are you doing? She's obviously scared about what happened." He scowled at me, and I tried again. "Don't you remember YOUR first

transformation? She is going throught the same thing! Except YOU didn't have people shooting tranquilizer darts at you, like she does." He seemed irritated with me, and I could hear his thoughts suddenly screaming... "Why is he talking like I want to hurt her?" My eyebrows furrowed and I asked him suspiciously, "You weren't going to hurt her?" He looks at me with a slight shock at first,

but then he shakes his head and says, "No. Because she is too beautiful for me to harm. So, I plan to make her my mate." This pissed me off. So I lied to Luca and told him that I would help him find her. But to be honest, I was going to find her--but not for him. I was going to try and help her with the change she was experiencing. I turned away from him and went to find Lissa..

----------Change of POV---------- Lissa's POV: I think I am far enough away from them. For now at least. Thank god! The party's right there! I run towards the other people and I see the shock on their faces. That's when I pause and look at myself, but wait! Nothing about my appearance has changed.. So why are they looking at me like

that? I think to myself. Then I see Abby and I run as fast as I can to her. When she sees me, she looks at me with shock. But then her expression turns to worry. "Where have you been? I've tried to call your phone 8 times!" I hesitate before I answer her. "I-I was...with Asher. Yeah. I was with Asher." Then I smiled.

I can't believe I just lied to my bff.. What is going on with me? What happened to me earlier? My thoughts were interrupted when I saw Asher walking up to me and Abby. My heart started racing and I started breathing hard. Just as Abby asks me if I'm alright, Asher reaches us. I make my move and run. I run as fast as my legs can carry me....


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