The Pure Blood Alpha Part 3
           The Pure Blood Alpha
                           Part 3 werewolves stories

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The Pure Blood Alpha Part 3

Previously: I can't believe I just lied to my bff.. What is going on with me? What happened to me earlier? My thoughts were interrupted when I saw Asher walking up to me and Abby.

My heart started racing and I started breathing hard. Just as Abby asks me if I'm alright, Asher reaches us. I make my move and run. I run as fast as my legs can carry me....

NOW: ~~~~~Time skip 2 hours~~~~~ Lissa's POV: Finally...I'm at home and I can watch Netflix. Maybe some TV will help me forget this nonsense.. Shoot! I almost forgot about the snacks. I thought to myself, as I get up to grab the snacks, I hear a knock on my bedroom

window. My heart starts to race again. I grab the first thing my hand touches, and walk over to the window slowly. Wait. Did I grab a pen? I think to myself. What am I gonna do with a pen? Write on them? Again, there is a knock on my window. Before I can draw back the curtain, I see Asher opening my window! Then he smiles at me and I get flustered and upset. I start talking to him...

This is what I should say, "Asher, why are you at my house? And what's going on with me? What am I? What are you? Why was I shot at with a tranq gun?" But me being my awkward self, this is what I really say, "H-hello.." Then I blush and start walking backwards until I trip. Before I hit the floor, he catches me with his hand around my waist.

I feel heat rise into my cheeks. Then I remember what happened and I push him away. My hands clench into fists and he raises an eyebrow. He starts moving closer to me, but my eyes widen and I back up away from him. He tilts his head and I feel the heat rise in my cheeks. Then he starts moving closer, while I walk backwards. I bump into the wall as he comes up to me.

He is way too close to me, but he doesn't seem to mind. "Um..y-you're t-too close..." I stammer. I can see his eyes widen and he blushes furiously. As he backs up, I notice that he's embarrassed. I feel my mouth twitch into a smile. But then I shrug it off and glare at him. He sighs, and says to me, "I..wanted to apologize for what happened earlier.." He looks into my eyes and I know he means what he said.

I look at him quizzically and ask him if he could tell me what was going on. That's when he looked at me confused. "You haven't pieced together the fact that you can turn into a big wolf?" He says, and I make a sarcastic comeback. "Well I already knew THAT one, genius. I'm talking about what happened after that." His sincerity changed in a single moment. He moves right in front of

my face in an instant. Then he lifts his hand up to my face. "I believe that YOU are the last pure blood. That means you're very special." He pauses. "But that also means that a lot of people want you...including my Alpha.." "What Alpha? Are you talking about Luca? Oh please, just because he asked me to dance doesn't mean he wants me." Suddenly Asher began to

panic. His face looks serious. "He asked you to dance with him? What did you tell him?" His face was serious so I say what happened. "Well, I walked up over with him to dance, but then he started looking at me weird and I snapped at him. Then I went into the woods." Asher began pacing around my room. He keeps muttering 'no no no no'. Annoyed with this I ask him.

"Asher? What's wrong?" He just looks at me and mutters a few things. "I now know why he is so determined to capture you." He pauses nervously, but continues. "He wants you...romantically. He has always longed for a mate." He stops pacing and walks really close to me. "And..I think he believes YOU are his mate..." My eyes widen and I walk to my bed. I must've looked distrought, because Asher

came and sat down next to me. I look into his eyes and ask him, "Asher? Why are you telling me all of this? I mean..I'm glad you are, but...why?" "Well..firstly, I know what it's like to go through that transformation.." He stops for a second and looks at his hands. "During the feel alone. Like no one else is like you. Then when it's done, you can feel the presence of others of your kind.."

My eyebrows furrow and I say to him. "So it's different for everyone then?" When I ask him this his head shoots up and he looks at me quizzically. "No..Lissa, it's the same for everyone...except the Alphas.. Why would you ask that?" I start explaining how I felt during and after the change. "I felt as if I were free from others controlling me. Like I could do anything I wanted. Then I felt as if I were able to

see and hear what others were thinking. And as if I could control them.." Asher was looking at me in utter shock. "Lissa..if that's how you felt during the change then that means...that you're an Alpha..." I look at him in denial. "Me? An Alpha? Impossible. How could that even be?" I look at him worriedly. But then I hear somthing outside. My head whips

towards the window. "Asher.. someone's here. I can hear them.." He looks at me incrediculous. "What are you talking about, Lissa?" Suddenly, I channel their thoughts. ----------Change of POV---------- Asher's POV: Lissa starts talking about something completely

different. "Alpha, the girl is in the house. Do you want us to capture her?" Then she pauses. "Yes sir, we will be gentle with her. She will not be harmed. We are going in." Then Lissa shakes her head and starts talking normal again. "Asher, they're coming. You need to go. They can't find you here! What would happen?" I grab her face and tell her, "Lissa, I'm not leaving you alone here. We can avoid them as

long as you can sense where they are. Do yo think you can do that?" She nods and says they aren't near her window anymore. ---------Change of POV----------- Lissa's POV: "Come on, Asher! While we still can!" He opens my window and we jump to the tree. Then we

climb. It's so easy to climb. We run for about an hour. "Asher? There's no one around us. We're good for now." He nods to me and we stop. We swing our legs over a thick branch and face each other. "Lissa, why don't you tell me about yourself? Like how about your family?" I nod to him and start speaking. "My dad isn't really my dad. My parents adopted me a few

months after I was born. I never knew my biological parents. But I love my parents very much. mom was murdered a few years back.." I look at him and he is looking at me with sypathy in his eyes. I look away, flustered. "So, um..yeah! That's a personal fact that I wasn't going to tell people. But I'm okay with you knowing." His face begins to soften and his face goes blank. Then he

falls towards the ground, but not before I catch him. I can hear them. They've caught up with us. I examine Asher and sure enough there is a traquallizer dart in his neck. Quickly, I pick him up and over my shoulder. Hm..he's not as heavy as I would have thought..I think to myself as I descend form the tree carrying him. I plan on running but there are thoughts all around us and I

know it means that we are now surrounded. Suddenly, a man walks out of the shadows. Luca. He's the Alpha around here. But he stops dead in his tracks when he sees my face. Shock floods his face, and then something else. He starts laughing. "I don't know how I didn't sense it before.." The others look at him confused. His laughing continues. I ask him what is so funny

and he laughs at me. "You're a pure blood Alpha.." He chuckles, and shock spreads accross the forest. "Yeah, yeah. I'm an Alpha. Just figured that out a little bit ago. What's it to you?" He smiles and says slyly, "Oh nothing. Just that dominating you and making you my mate will be even more fun.." I look at him with Asher still over my shoulder and say,

"Bitch. You fucking crazy. I am not going to be your damn mate. And I never will be. See ya later." I wink and then run past every wolf and pants them. A few seconds later I am 9 miles away from them and I laugh. There aren't any around me at the moment, so I lay Asher against a tree and try to wake him up. As I am doing this, I see a little dart sticcking out of my

arm. I wonder to myself, why wasn't I affected by the dart? There must be some reason. Some strange reason. As I am being wrapped around in my thoughts, I hear Asher groaning in pain. He wakes up completely and looks around in worry. "Wh-what happened? Why are we no longer in that tree?" I look at him with a straight face and explain what happened. "Well, you got

tranqed. Then Luca and a whole shit ton of wolves surrounded us. Then Luca started talking about how fun it was gonna be to make me his mate." I took a deep breath and continued. "Then I said he would never make me his mate and I wink then I ran around all the other wolves and pantsed them." The whole time I was saying this Asher was dumbfounded. Then he asks a

few questions. "You pantsed them all? How did you carry me with one hand and pantse them with the other while still running away from them? And why? Wasn't I heavy?" I laugh at his questions and tell him that he was surprisingly light for his size. He found this strange, because of the fact tha he basically towers over me in height. Then he starts asking more

questions about what happened. But it is getting late and I am tired. I tell him that and he nods. But instead of letting me rest on the grass, he pulls me over to him and tells me that I can sleep against his shoulder if I'd like. Heat rises in my cheek as I nod. I get closer to him and close my eyes. And not long after, I fall into a deep and empty slumber.

To Be Continued...

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