Both of our worlds should have never collided
Both of our worlds should have never collided fury stories

10josten Stop being the rabbit
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We used to be wrong in all the right ways

Both of our worlds should have never collided

We were both brazen teenagers, with blood on our hands and fervent damage forced upon others.

We dug into our minds and split open our hearts time and time again, we were easily destroying each other but we never noticed until now. We were damned in our own right.

With you a physical form of war and heartache, your talent was fighting anything in your way, easily tearing everyone's foundations apart from the outside in.

Me, I was a silent manipulator in the form of a storm upon the horizon leaving everyone on edge and waiting for destruction to happen with no mentions of mercy.

We fought with tooth and claw, and harnessed our unbridled rage to shove upon the other. We were both traumatized by a past that we couldn't replace even in our dreams.

Maybe fury isn't right in a format like this, but we had our chances to show it with reckless abandon and no sympathy after our personal prisons disappeared. We let ourselves go.

And we let each other go. But now, we're coming back to one another with a new sense of burning rage and confusion. How this will play out. Who knows.

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