The Ultimate Killer Part 1
The Ultimate Killer Part 1 liberty stories
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The ultimate killer: part one. 7060

The Ultimate Killer Part 1

The teen ran through the woods towards the police station. Banging on the door she screamed at the top of of her lungs. "Someone please help!"

As she banged on the door of the third time the door fell over. She fell into the building face first. "What in tarnation?" Said an officer, coming out of the restroom.

"We were trying to fix that door Missy!"

"We have to get out of here NOW!" The teen said panicking. "He's coming and he'll kill us too!" The officer grabbed his gun. His face turned into a scowl. He walked outside and looked around.

"There's noone here lady" he said, turning to face her. "Now if this is some sorta prank-" Suddenly the officer was cut short. Literally. His lower body had been sliced through with a scythe.

He gurgled blood as his body slid apart. The girl screamed as she faced the killer. A man with a Liberty mask stood before her in a trench coat.

"This just isn't your day..." He said in a dark voice.

She grabbed the rifle off the officer and shot him in the face, knocking him over. Running past him, she noticed a police car still running.

Hopping in, she began to back out of the parking lot. Only to see that Liberty was getting back up. She hit him with the car as she drove off, but that still didn't seem to kill him.

She was just glad to get out of there.

Halfway down the road she realized the car was out of gas. She pulled into a nearby gas station and filled up. As she went inside to pay she screamed.

The employee was slumped over on the counter headless. She whipped around just in time to see a masked man with a blade.

A bus was passing, but noone could hear her screams. The bus was on route to it's destination just past the Police Station....

The newly refurbished Camp Crystal Lake.

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