The Hostage part 1
The Hostage part 1 original stories
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100masks I write Horror with the occasional Fic
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A hostage situation turns very deadly. @bruvton has a cameo!

The Hostage part 1

"You hear anything from the boss yet?"

"No just that..... Shhhh! I think they're waking!"

My head was pounding. What the hell happened last night. I was out drinking with friends..... Did I get drunk?

My thoughts were spinning, and my eyes barely adjusted to a blinding light being shone in my face. "Ugh... What-"

Someone slapped me hard with some sort of object. "Shut up and sit still!" A man said. My senses finally came to. I was in a room with two masked people. A man and a woman.

Both wore trenchcoats and masks. The trenchcoats were a sleek black leather and each mask was different. The man's was black and white, split in half down the middle.

The eyes on the mask were bright green.

On the other hand, the woman's mask resembled the statue of liberty. With a sewn mouth and eyes that burned red. It was obvious they had gotten these from a costume shop.

The man pulled out a gun. "Tell us where the cash is. And we let you go."

I shook my head sadly. "I don't have any money.. I bankrupted two weeks back."

He turned the pistol backwards and hit me hard on the side of the head. "That's not the answer we are looking for. Try again."

That voice... it was so familiar.

"I swear I don't have any money!"

"This isn't working! Use the truth serum." The woman said, pulling out a syringe.

"It's not tested yet. We don't know if it will work." The man said, obviously impatient with her.

Once again she repeated herself, and the man angrily grabbed the needle. "If this doesn't work at least I know who to blame."

He stabbed it into my neck and injected the liquid. My whole face and body slowly went numb.

I got dizzy again. I could barely hear them talking. They were probably still demanding money.

After what was probably half an hour, I was able to see and hear enough to know what was happening.

"You made it too strong!" The man yelled at his partner. "Id like to see YOU make it." She retorted.

"Bruvton... is that you?" I asked groggily. Bruvton was an old coworker of mine. We always said if one of us won the lottery we would split. I won, but he had insisted I keep the money.

"And that would make this Delia, right?" I snickered. "That girl you always talked about?"

The man pulled out a knife.

"The boss said not to do that!" The woman said suddenly. "The boss ALSO SAID to kill him if he found out ANYTHING. He found out who we are!" Bruvton said aggressively.

He twirled the knife from finger to finger. "Tell us where you put the money!"

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about!" I said, as the woman hit me with the pistol again. fighting the pain.


"You have the wrong guy! Please just let me go before something terrible happens."

The man leaned down and smiled at me. "You have one thing right..."

He kneeled down and started to make a slice in my kneecap. The woman screamed as a black tar came out of the injury.

"What the hell?" The man was confused, and even more so when his partner screamed AGAIN.

The tar had evaporated into a thick smoke which directed itself over to the woman's knee, despite there being no wind. It enveloped her leg and make a sickening sound as it did.

She collapsed to the floor as the smoke disappeared. "My kneecap! It's..... It's gushing blood!" She said.

I laughed as my look of terror suddenly shifted to a look of confident triumph. "I warned you both. You have the wrong hostage."

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