Redux: Origins
Redux: Origins superhero-2018 stories

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When her planet is destroyed by the creator, a native finds herself empowered by the angels.

Redux: Origins

"Sh'Kair... wake up. It is time for you to awaken."

This was the beginning of my life. And the end of thousands. A nightmarish being had spoke to me in my mind. Telling me to release my mind.

My name is Sh'Kair. I am of the Nal'aar race on the planet Hilonias. At least, I was.

This being, calling itself Omun, came to my planet. He told us he was what we call, The End of Days, and also The Beginning of Days. He was, as he said, the creator.

But our planet had run its course. It had become out of control, and unsustainable. Thus it was marked for destruction.

The light that was produced by the eyes of this creature, was as bright as a sun, and as painful as one too. And then all went dark.

And now, another voice was telling me to wake up. I opened my eyes. There in front of me, was a Seraph. What your species calls an Angel.

It spoke to me. "You are resilient, my darling. Strong. Fierce. A survivor." She approached me and brushed my cheek. "You are damaged. Close your eyes... So that you may be reborn."

I closed my eyes again, and a searing pain came through my entire being. It surged from my bloodstream all the way through my skin.

I opened my eyes instinctively. I watched my skin, turned to Astairium, a metal we praised as the metal of the gods. Strange structures formed on my body.

The Seraph spoke again. "Your species has suffered a terrible fate. And I feel the pain racing through your mind. However as a Seraph, it is now your duty to protect others from this destiny."

A Seraph? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was as far from a warrior on my planet as could be. I was a farmer, as your kind says. To be received by the angels...

"Do you understand?" The angel asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Y-Yes!" I fumbled.

"Excellent." She said smiling. "I expect great things from you. Now let me explain what you can do."

She reached out and touched my arms. I felt an immense pain and screamed. "Be still, Sh'Kair. It is natural." She said to me.

I watched as my arm morphed into a cannon. It was brilliant, yet disturbing to see my anatomy morphing.

"You can transform many parts of your body. Imagine. Wings as fast as lightspeed. Repulsors as strong as the plasma from a star."

As she described these things, my body began morphing again, with each item appearing attached to my skin. "This... do all Seraphs do this?" I asked, amazed.

"Only the ones who rank highest." The sky guardian replied. "Now, quickly, I sense the presence of Omun. We must send you to your new home..."

I began to shine brightly in a white light which enveloped my body. "New home?"

"Your new home which you are sworn to protect. Seek out the man who will vow to kill you. He will become your greatest ally."

"Go to Earth, and seek the one they call...


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