Liberty and Death part 1
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As Ashley and Liberty are kidnapped, a new killer enters the ring.

Liberty and Death part 1

DISCLAIMER: This parody is part of a series. You can go ahead and read, but it is recommended you read The Hostage to learn who Liberty is, and The Ultimate Killer to learn about Ashley. All characters belong to their respective owners.

Liberty watched as the car pulled away from Camp Crystal Lake. This wasn't over yet. Suddenly the car turned around and began speeding towards him.

Inside the car, Officer Kramer had heard about the serial killers rampage from Ashley. After nodding his head, he quickly pulled out a rag doused with chemicals and knocked her out.

He proceeded to turn the car around and use it to ram Liberty.

He stuffed the killer in the trunk of his car after tying him up, and smiled. It was time to set up another game.....

Ashley and Liberty woke up in a room with 8 other people. Everyone was in complicated headwear that had buzz saws on either side of their necks.

The four people were on opposite sides of the room. There were red button in front of each of them. Suddenly a television screen turned on. There was the creepy puppet from the car!

Jigsaw laughed, in a creepy puppet like manner. "Hello sinners. All of you are here for a reason." "2 of you will escape my games alive. The rest will be sacrificed by the winners.

" He smiled in a cruel way.

"Now, who wants to play a game?"

"Here are the rules:" Jigsaw explained. "In this room.... TWO OF YOU MUST DIE. The other eight move on and are one step closer to freedom.

Those red button in front of you will kill EITHER the person to your right or left, at random."

The buttons lit up to indicate they were there. "Now, to introduce the players and THEIR SINS!" The puppet on the TV screen said with glee. "Going clockwise around the room."

Liberty:Supernatural serial killer.

Ashley: Survivor of Camp Crystal Lake, guilty of murder.

Diane: single mother of two, guilty of blackmail

Andre: Social outcast, guilty of drug dealing.

Nina: Teenage hearthrob, guilty of cyber bullying.

Todd: CEO of Trident Enterprises, accused of mob dealings.

Vicky: Family supporter, guilty of several robberies.

Edward: 14 year old boy, guilty of torturing animals for fun.

Christin: one of two twins,guilty of fraud

Chris: one of two twins, guilty of identity theft.

The buttons lit up again, and everyone's hand restraints released. "Assess who is next to you, and decide who dies!" A timer began counting down on the wall. "You have 5 minutes."

Everyone was panicking and talking at once. Ashley yelled. "Everyone just wait! We can get out of this if we just...." Suddenly a button was pressed. It was Liberty's.

A buzz saw next to him began to whirr.

Ashley closed her eyes. It was her wasn't it? This was it? Suddenly everyone was screaming. The loudest however was Christin, as her twin Chris's head had been sawed off and landed in her lap.

"You monster! I'll kill you for that!" Ashley said slamming on her button. But the collar that powered up was NOT Liberty's . Diane shed one last tear as the saw blade began to cut her neck.

"Oh my god.... What... What happened!??? What have I done?" Ashley screamed in disbelief. Jigsaw appeared on the TV screen. "You.. have just passed the first round.

You didn't seem to listen Ashley. I said the button will kill the person on EITHER your right or left. You don't get to choose who."

The lights flickered. Then the lights blacked out entirely, and everyone felt sacks put over their heads. "It's time to move on to our next game."

Ashley woke up in a smaller room with 3 others. It appeared that everyone but her was chained to a corner of the wall. She was trapped here with Nina, Christin and Edward.

Liberty awoke in a similar room, with Todd, Vicky, and Andre. Except that in this room Todd was the one unchained.

The television came on in both rooms. "Here are the rules. One of you is unchained. There is a knife in the center of the floor.

You will have to kill one person, and I will tell you where the key is. 2 people must die to escape."

Ashley and Todd walked over and grabbed a knife in each room. Ashley hesitated, but Todd walked straight toward Liberty. "That won't work." Liberty said, as Todd stabbed his ribs.

Todd screamed in pain. "What kinda voodoo is this???"

Vicky spoke up. "Kill the dealer! He's the one who sells drugs to kids!" "Woah now," Andre said as Todd turned towards him.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Todd shook his head as he said in a dark tone "You said your piece when you chose your trades."

In the other room, Ashley didn't want to decide who lived, and who died. Christin shouted at her "Just pick someone already!" But Ashley had another idea.

She used the knife to pick at the chains holding Christin.

The chains broke. "Nice work Ashley, but two people HAVE to die." Christin grabbed the knife out of Ashley's hand. "IM calling shots now!"

She plunged the knife into Edwards chest twice. He screamed the first time, then passed out. The second time he stopped breathing altogether. Christin turned towards Ashley.

She backed up against the wall and put her arms up to defend herself. There was a faint click.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Christin asked. Ashley opened her eyes. She was being handed the knife. "Look, I can't kill you since you helped me. You know what needs to be done."

"Ding ding ding. Someone is dead! I suppose I should tell you where the keys are!" Jigsaw announced. "See that stitching near Nina's eye and Vicky's heart? Take one guess."

Todd turned towards Vicky. "Not like I could kill that freak anyways. I got a life to live. A life I worked HARD FOR." He plunged the knife into her chest and twisted.

Ashley had already gouged Nina's eye out as if she had no sympathy. She snapped to reality after retrieving the key from Nina's torn flesh. She began crying, and Christin began to cradle her.

"Cmon. Let's get out of here."

Todd was holding the key to survival in his hands. He had never felt more powerful. He unlocked Liberty and pointed to the door. "Thats our next game. I'm sure of it."

Jigsaw laughed over a loudspeaker as both pairs entered hallways that split into two paths each. "My my, you have killers in ALL OF YOU. For the record, TWO people had to die.

Had you not been so busy with my key announcement, you would have noticed the DOOR UNLOCKED."

He laughed wildly as the victims gasped in horror. Vicky and Nina had just been killed for nothing. The key was for the chains. Not the door.

"You will notice your hallways split. One of each pair must go left, the other right. Then our next game can begin." Todd coughed. His ribs were still bleeding from stabbing Liberty.

Todd and Ashley each went left. Liberty and Christin chose right.

Officer Kramer sat in a control room with a look of delight. He had never tested this new trap before. It was time for his friends to enter.....

The Maze.

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