It's Raining
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A Dark Tale for a beloved rhyme.

It's Raining

Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. He went to bed and bumped his head and couldnt get up in the morning.

Now, most people dont know that this rhyme has two more verses, the only difference being that it changes to old woman, and then children. And behind this lays a dark tale.

It was the summertime. I remember it well. My two elderly neighbors had recently adopted their grandchildren as the mother had passed in a house fire.

The father, never around, was no where to be found when his children needed a home.

It was only a week later. Our apartment building had thin walls and i could hear the grandfather getting ready for bed. The grandmother had taken the children to see a movie that night.

Then i heard a large thud.

I was about to investigate when the grandmother called. "The drive in was cut short by some rain dear, and i know my husband is asleep by now.

Will you leave your spare key for us?" I agreed, as the thud occured loudly at my window. It was just a tree branch.

As i wandered to my dining room for a bite to eat, i heard the grandmother tell the children to go to bed.

By this time it was pouring outside, but i swear about five minutes later i heard another thud.

I found this odd because that tree branch was outside my bedroom, on the other side of my apartment.

I know it makes me seem like a creepy neighbor, but i pressed my ear against the wall between our apartments.

I heard the thud again, followed by a childs cry of surprise, and then another large thud.

Something was wrong, and i grabbed a gun stored in my wardrobe. Kicking the door down, i shouted their names, to no avail. Rushing into the grandparents bedroom, i found an open window.

The elderly couple had their heads smashed with what i can only assume was a hammer.

I didnt bother to go into the childrens room. I already knew the cause of those loud sounds. I dialed 911 and they arrived shortly after. As i hung my head, my phone buzzed.

I had missed a call yesterday.

It was a mans voice. "I have been let on probation and am coming to visit my kids tomorrow night. Please leave your spare key for me".

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