Story #1 Chapter 1
Story #1

Chapter 1 fiction stories

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(being developed, wait for mor chapters☺️)

Story #1 Chapter 1

A young boy huddled on the floor, in the corner of the building; shivering and wet. Wondering what to do. The floor squeaked as people rushed by, busy with there normal routine; not stopping for a minute to think about how much their decisions effected the rest of their lives. That is what this boy thought of currently, how his decisions had effected him. -How would life be different if he had not gone?- -How much would have changed if he had stayed?- -And... what if... no. He must not go there....- These thoughts and others like it buzzed around his head for hours. Not going away. Weighing him down like a millstone. Crushing him. Till he couldn’t stand it anymore.

(2 years ago) Brunto square: The noisy bustle of shoppers filled the market, drowning out every ones individual voices except that of the fruit merchant; “COME! Buy the fruits of the sacred garden! There is no other like it. Fruits of splendor, Happiness and luck! And of all colors!

Even those not even conceivable by man kind! Each bite full of hope and joy for the days to come. EAT! Eat and be joyful! For the sweet juice of the fruit is life for the weary traveler!” No one could resist him. His cart was parked in the center of the square, so that the majority of the people would pass by on their morning shopping. But enough about him.

That is not the real reason I brought you here this fine morning. Just stay close- (don’t trip over that flower pot) and in due time, I will show him to you.

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