Chapter 3
Chapter 3 gangs stories

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Last chapter i'm gonna do for this. I don't have a title for it so thats why its called chapter 3

Chapter 3

When they left my room, I changed and wondered why they wanted to know if I knew Logan. What did they want with him? It's probably because he joined the Royal Skulls.

I wonder how he is treated there. I wonder if he is treated badly because he still has our gang mark. Why are you even wondering, Venus? Ugh, whatever.

They seemed to trust me more because later that day that let me walk around the building. With a guard of course. I'm not that trustworthy yet. But I don't blame them.

I mean I was about to shoot someone with a sleeping dart before they captured me. Oh God, Boss is probably gonna be so mad.

Like " Why can't you do a simple job for once, V?" Because it isn't that simple! Like what the hell?

Putting a sixteen-year-old on a mission to chase around an old man, put him to sleep, and bring him back to the base. I mean i can do that but still.

"Get up, your eating with Kaeden and Victor today." said the Guard "Okay, but do you know why?" I asked, "No, I just follow orders." Said the Guard

When they were in the dining room. She asked, " Why did you want me to eat with you today?"

" Well, we can keep a better eye on you." said Victor " Okay"

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